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UsingApple and its future

Hello folks. This is Tobias, I’m the blogger for I haven’t been blogging much for the past few years as I’m very busy with my day job and family. What’s more is I feel that I’m not finding the right direction of blogging here. was started because my love for Apple Products, iPhone and Mac are the most important gadget in my daily life. But what’s I’m doing in UsingApple wasn’t fulfilling enough. I don’t wish to just blog on content where you can already easily find in other blogs or sites.

So I have decided to restart this blog to more a personal Apple related blog where I write how I’m using Apple Products in my life, what new apps I feel is interesting and stuff. Not just Apple News.

Let’s see how it goes and hopefully it will be useful enough for the reading audience.

Thank you everyone who has been supporting and hope you will enjoy the new