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iPad leading Tablet Market, causing netbook to lose ground

Nielsen have done a survey on why people are so interested in using tablet devices like iPad. Main reasons are Easy to carry, ease of interface and fast start up and off. I’m sure before tablet, netbook is also easy to carry about, but it lacks the ease of use and fast start up and off. Thus we are now seeing a up trend of tablets and the slow death of netbooks.

Check out the chart below:

Looking the survey result above, tablet devices are not killing just netbooks, but desktop and laptops! Steve Jobs mention when he first launch iPad, he says that iPad is the class of devices between Mac and iPhones. Although all of us are still using our desktop and laptops, but we are using less of them…

So who’s the leader? Of course its iPad –

iPad is the clear winner, and all other competitors are really no where near Apple’s iPad. Got to praise Steve Jobs on his vision, but tablet market is still very new, so we will still be the winner in the next year?

It sounds like they are building iPad on 1994 [Video]

Ideas don’t just come to us overnight. It seems like people have been looking at tablets even during 1994, and what they have been designing sounds very similar to what we have now in our iPad.

Of course we know that Steve Jobs has been wanting to build iPad from the first day he starts his company, but technology is just now there. All computers are just too bulky and no way to pack them into such a slim device like iPad.  But it is just pure amazing that people has been toying around the idea for so long.

iPad Happy Birthday!

onswipe drawn a very cool infographics on iPad. On how much it was predict to sell, and how many it actually sold! 3.3 millions was the average prediction for iPad sales, but Apple end up selling 14.8millions of it! Such an impressive result for a first generation product. It really sold like hot cakes.

They also predicted that 114millions tablet will be sold by 2014, and 90% will be Apple’s iPad. So it is almost 103million iPads?! If so, Apple will be really happy about it! Let wait and see, Happy Birthday iPad, you have done well!

Android Honeycomb Tablet from Motorola on the way [Video]

Year 2011 will be the Year of Tablets, as we can see the tablet war slowly raising… With iPad getting 85% of the tablet market, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab catching up, but everyone else is also entering the market in 2011. Palm is working on Topaz with the backing of HP, Blackberry coming up with their PlayBook and now Motorola is also teasing us with Android Honeycomb Tablet. Of course, Apple will not be letting us down, as iPad 2 should be on its way by 2011 too.

Indeed Year 2011 will really be the year of tablet! Let’s take a look at Motorola’s tablet teaser ads:

Google’s iPad?

We have all seen what Apple’s iPad can do, how is it being use. Now Google have a concept video, which works very similarly to iPad. So is Google now competing directly with Apple?

From the looks at the concept arts, we can see the similarity of iPad and Google’s Chrome OS on tablet. The virtual keyboards, the 3D-like contextual menu and even the hardware UI. But look carefully at the last concept art, it shows something that iPad can’t do – Multi-task.