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You might be able to make calls on jailbroken iPad 3G soon [Video]

Soon you might be able to make calls on your jailbroken iPad 3G, all thanks to iPhoneIslam. They have come out with a new hack called PhoneItiPad. It is reported that it might be in the Cydia App Store even before WWDC, which will be on 6 June 2011.

So how does it works? It works exactly like an iPhone, everything. So just imagine your iPhone now have a 9.7 inch screen and that’s what you will get with this hack. You can not only make phone calls, FaceTime, you can even SMS.  Pretty cool and I’m sure it comes in handy at times.

Check out the demo video of it:

Sending SMS from iPad 3G

No, There ain’t any App that will send SMS from iPad(yet), but jailbreakers and hackers have been trying to do it.

And it has been hacked, now you can SMS from iPad 3G natively but very primitively too.

The SMS messages were sent using a raw AT+CMGS command sent to the iPad baseband. That’s because so far, iPhone’s doesn’t run properly on the iPad.