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Samsung Ads bite on iPad’s not supporting Flash [Video]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is finally out, and Samsung has just come out with their new Ads – It’s time to tab! It shows the power of its tablet. Pretty cool ads, especially when it shows us what are the benefits in using a tablet device. But of course, one of the main aim was to bite on iPad’s Flash support.

In the ads, 2 of the actors are in a meeting room, but the one holding an iPad with SmartCover was not able to view the flash slide/website, but Samsung Galaxy Tab user can.

Check ou the video:

iPad 2’s SmartCover can be your Fridge Magnet too!

SmartCover is the newest iPad accessory created by Apple. It is designed from inside of iPad 2 to the SmartCover itself, so it stick to iPad 2 like it was built for it, yes it was built for it.

SmartCover covers the screen of your iPad, but do nothing else other than preventing scratches and clean the screen slightly. But now we have found a new use of it. Put up your iPad 2 as a Fridge Magnet with SmartCover. Due to the strong magnetic strength from both the SmartCover and iPad 2, you can stick it up just like any Magnets!

But, be sure to be gentle, it might not hold when you touch the screen of the iPad, especially not safe with your kids. So “stick” with care.