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Skype for iOS now supports Video Calling over 3G!

Skype now supports video calling on iPhone via 3G or Wifi! This is should a good news, as we all have been waiting for this Skype update for months. Now you can not only Skype with your friends via Desktop/Laptop, you can now Skype your friends on your iPhone 4 anywhere under the sun!

Skype have now more than 521 millions users, this is as many users as Facebook! How amazing is this? So now you can Skype anywhere, to anyone! Be sure to download Skype on your iDevices today!

Check out the Video from Skype, announcing it to the whole world:

Skype 2.0 Update finally allows Voice Call over 3G Network!

We have been waiting for Skype to update their App for quite sometime, after Apple finally approved Voice Call over 3G Network, as we have seen Fring updated their App.

Finally Skype updated their App today to allow 3G Voice Calling over 3G! What a huge deal, as you can save tons of phone bills by Skype calling rather than native voice call, especially overseas ones. So don’t wait, update your Skype App to 2.0 today and don’t look back!

So what’s next for Skype? I am hoping for Video Call as the rumored next generation iPhone will have front-facing camera, and it is just common sense for Skype to do a update on it as Fring as usual have already made that move.