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Samsung Ads bite on iPad’s not supporting Flash [Video]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is finally out, and Samsung has just come out with their new Ads – It’s time to tab! It shows the power of its tablet. Pretty cool ads, especially when it shows us what are the benefits in using a tablet device. But of course, one of the main aim was to bite on iPad’s Flash support.

In the ads, 2 of the actors are in a meeting room, but the one holding an iPad with SmartCover was not able to view the flash slide/website, but Samsung Galaxy Tab user can.

Check ou the video:

iPad leading Tablet Market, causing netbook to lose ground

Nielsen have done a survey on why people are so interested in using tablet devices like iPad. Main reasons are Easy to carry, ease of interface and fast start up and off. I’m sure before tablet, netbook is also easy to carry about, but it lacks the ease of use and fast start up and off. Thus we are now seeing a up trend of tablets and the slow death of netbooks.

Check out the chart below:

Looking the survey result above, tablet devices are not killing just netbooks, but desktop and laptops! Steve Jobs mention when he first launch iPad, he says that iPad is the class of devices between Mac and iPhones. Although all of us are still using our desktop and laptops, but we are using less of them…

So who’s the leader? Of course its iPad –

iPad is the clear winner, and all other competitors are really no where near Apple’s iPad. Got to praise Steve Jobs on his vision, but tablet market is still very new, so we will still be the winner in the next year?

Another iPad Competitor? HP Slate Running Windows 7 Leaked [Video]

HP Slate leaked, it is another iPad Competitor like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, but running on Windows 7. I don’t know about you, but after watching this video, I finally decided, Windows 7 is not a OS you wanna run on Tablet or Slate device like iPad. It is totally not how it should be! Look at how slow, unresponsive the screen/slate is. HP even put in a button just to pop-out the on-screen keyboard.

Everything seems to be quite slow, and I feel that it is not optimize to run on Windows 7. Honestly, something is just wrong right? I feel like it is just a Netbook without keyboard, that’s all. I hope this is not the real HP Slate as it is really very disappointed.

Check out the HP Slate Leaked Video:

Samsung Galaxy Tab – iPad Competitor put up impressive Ad!

Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the first iPad Competitor that I think they might have a equal and fair fight. I haven’t have hands-on on Galaxy Tab, but from the Ad that Samsung just launched, it seems to be very impressive!

Samsung Galaxy Tab is 7inch, runs on Android 2.2 with Samsung TouchWiz. According to the Ad, it will run 7 hours non-stop, although it did not say if it is on 3G or Wifi. iPad runs 10hours on wifi, so battery life might not be as good as iPad. But there are alot of advantage, Android is open. You will have more controls over the Galaxy Tab than iPad, thus expansion slots and more.

Check out the ad of Samsung Galaxy Tab:

First Real iPad Competitor – Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab might be the first real iPad Competitor in my opinion! Yes, we have heard Joo Joo Tablet and some other knock-off. But none have even come close to iPad. Remember the first iPhone? It took android and the rest of the companies like Microsoft close to 2-3 years to catch up!

But this time round, Samsung seems to be able to catch up pretty fast! Although Samsung have yet to launch Galaxy Tab, but as it is running the polished Android and they have been in Mobile Business for quite some time, they seems to be able to come out with quite an impressive Tablet.

Check out Samsung’s Teaser video:

Apple released 16 July iPhone 4 Press Conference Video

Apple have released their 16 July iPhone 4 Press Conference Video to the web and public! Not only that they have released video of it, they also launched new pages of iPhone 4’s Antenna and the Design and Lab Test.

Apple is very honest to the users, saying that iPhone 4’s Antenna is a physical issue and cannot be solve by Software updates, but they also let everyone know that this issue is not iPhone 4 only issue. This is a issue for lots of smartphone out in the market, not only smartphone, phone with antennas.

Apple giving out Free Case

To solve this antenna issue that got out of hand, Apple have decided to give out iPhone 4 Bumper Case/3rd Party Case to all iPhone 4 users, including those who have already bought one(they will be given full refund). This is a good news to everyone, as I am sure most iPhone users have case or at least wants to buy a case to protect their iPhone.

Apple iPhone 4 Antenna

Apple’s iPhone 4 Antenna Page, shown us how this Antenna Death Grip happens to other smartphone like BlackBerry Bold, HTC Droid Eris, Samsung Omnia II and iPhone 3GS!

Although iPhone 4’s Antenna Issue can be most easily seen due the external antenna’s design, many iPhone 4 owners report better call quality and lesser drop calls compare to iPhone 3GS.

Apple’s Antenna Design and Test Labs

Apple also show to the world their state-of-the-art facilities for their Antenna design and test labs. They looks really complex and really impressive. Honestly it reminds me of Professor X’s Cerebro.

Apple's Antenna Design and Test Labs

X-Men Cerebro

Quite similar right? I can say that Apple’s Test Lab really looks very impressive, and hope that they will do a better job on their iPhone 5 and hopefully solve the Antenna Issue, which no Smartphone Manufacturer have solve.

Click here to watch Steve Jobs on Apple’s 16 July Press Conference

iPhone 4 Best Smart Phone in Image and Video Quality!

Looks like Steve Jobs is right again on the Mega Pixel chase in smartphone industry. During WWDC 10, Steve Jobs announced his new creation – iPhone 4, with just 5mega pixel camera rather than up-coming standard of 8-mega pixel for smartphone. He told us that Image quality is not just about mega pixel, but about lens, camera engine and also low light captures. iPhone 4 definitely improved greatly on low light photos, with the better lens and LED flash.

So, to prove that Apple is right, MacWorld conducted a series of tests comparing iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, Droid X, HTC EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy, and basic point-and-shoot camera from Samsung and Sony. For Video Flip Video M2120 was thrown in as the only dedicated video device.

Image Ranking

Result show us that iPhone 4 is just behind the 2 point-and-shoot camera, and tops Mobile Phones in their image quality. This is just simply impressive as iPhone 4 is now the best mobile camera you can get, although most other phones have more mega-pixel capable camera, but they can’t match the quality that iPhone 4 is giving, especially in low light!

Video Ranking

If MacWorld did not add Flip Camera, iPhone 4 will be topping the chart, even for the point-and-shoot cameras from Samsung and Sony, yes it is that good. Even for the dedicated video device, The Flip, is it only slightly better than our multi-purpose iPhone 4. This should be due to the reason that iPhone 4 can shoot up to 720p video at 30FPS, which most phones can’t achieve at this point of time. But we have to say that audio quality in the iPhone 4 is still lagging behind others like Droid X and Samsung Galaxy.


Like you might have hear a couple of times, “the best camera is the camera that is always with you“, indeed iPhone 4 is the best camera in the smartphone market and it is also the camera that will always be with you. Making iPhone 4 the best of best camera you can get for now. [MacWorld]