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Jailbreak for iPad 2 coming very soon. will be opening up for business very soon! This yellow sticky ‘We’ll back soon’ is always used by Apple when they close their Apple Store for updates or maintenance. So we can be quite sure jailbreakme will be back very soon.

Especially when some testers have leaked out the beta jailbreakme url which allows iOS devices to be jailbroken via Safari.

It is rumored that will be officially launch tomorrow 6 July. Let’s wait and see if iPad 2 jailbreak is finally coming to us.

Apple’s new patent might earn them money from every smartphone out there. [Video]

Nilay Patel from Thisismynext walked through with us what is the new Apple patent all about. And how with this patent, Apple might be able to earn money from any smartphone ever made.

Yes, Apple patented the technology of a “web browser” type of app, which is touch screen. If you are able to scroll using 1 finger, but still able to pinch and zoom using 2 finger on a embed frame like google map. Then this technology is patented by Apple. To be honest, I cannot rememeber which smartphone I have seen for the past 2 years which can’t do that.

Thus Apple might be making money with this patent on virtually any smartphone out in the market. Check out the video below to see how using a mobile browser might by using apple’s patented technology.


Apple and the Open Web by John Gruber

Daring Fireball John Gruber argued in Web 2.0 Expo NY that Apple is a great Web 2.0 Company, although people always complained that Apple has no link with Web. John thinks otherwise, Apple is a great web 2.0 company and has great contribution to it.

To Summarize in a very short point form:

  • iPhone is a great addition to the web
  • iPhone is a great addition to mobile space
  • iOS is based on web
  • App Store and Apps are built on top and depends on web
  • iTunes has one of the largest http music transfers on the web
  • iOS users used the web more than any other mobile users.
  • Webkit is one of the most successful web browser technology
  • Most of mobile browsers are based on webkit today
  • Webkit is developed and open-sourced by Apple

How to Solve the Jailbreakme stuck at purple screen issue

Many of you might have encounter issues when you try to jailbreak using the newly launch page. I was stuck at the purple screen after I did the “slide to jailbreak” action. So this is what I did which solve the issue and can continue to jailbreak. I don’t think it is a solution, but it is kind of a workaround.

Steps to prevent being stuck at purple Screen:

  1. Put your iPhone on Airplane Mode
  2. Go to Settings -> Safari – >Cookies -> Always Accept
  3. Double Tap on your Home Button
  4. Press and Hold to quit your Safari (Multi-Task)
  5. Go back to Settings – > Safari – > Clear all Cache, History and Cookies
  6. Off your iPhone Airplane mode
  7. Go to Safari and go to or

Hope this will solve your problem when you try to jailbreak your iPhone. Enjoy!

iOS 4 is Cool, but also fixes 60 over Security Vulnerabilities

iOS 4 is not only a cool update with Multi-Tasking and custom background features, it is also a important update that fix over 60 Security Vulnerabilities!

Apple has posted new support document summarizing the security fixes that is in iOS 4. Most of the fixes are on WebKit, which is the engine that power Apple’s Safari and Mobile Safari.

For more details of the fixes, check out Apple’s Support Document here.

Safari 5: How to Enable Extensions

Apple announced during WWDC 10 the release of Safari 5, there are quite a few features updated, like better performance, better HTML 5 Support, Safari Reader and the most requested feature – Extensions!

After FireFox and Google Chrome, Apple launch their own Extensions Support in Safari 5, so now you can install own favorite Extension on your favorite browser. But Extensions on Safari 5 is still only for developers, so if you want to have a preview of it, you got to follow some steps, before Extensions can be enabled.

iLearn –

What you will need? Safari 5! Download Safari 5 here, if you haven’t downloaded it.


1. Check if you already have Safari 5 installed, Go to ‘Safari Menu‘, choose ‘About Safari

2. Make sure your Safari is already Safari 5 or above.

3. Once you are done, Click on ‘Safari Menu‘ then choose ‘Preference

4. In the preference menu, select ‘Advanced‘ Tab, click on the ‘Show Develop Menu in menu bar‘.

5. Close your ‘Safari Preference‘ and click on the Newly Added ‘Develop‘ option on your Menu Bar, Click on ‘Enable Extensions’

6. After you are done, Go back to ‘Safari Preference‘, you will see the newly added ‘Extension‘ Tab, you will see your Extensions is now Enable!

7. You are all done, and you can now download Extensions and install them. Apple are now accepting Extensions Submissions from Developers, so we will be seeing some website/store that will allow users to download extensions with ease(Currently, you have to google to find them).

Please note that Extensions will remain Enable unless you disable them by Switching the “ON” to “OFF” in the Extension Tab!

Safari Extension Open up for Developers now!

Apple have opened up their Safari Extensions for Developers to submit just like what Google did for their Chrome recently. Now MicroSoft’s Internet Explorer is the only big 4 browser that still do not accept extension from 3rd party developers. I’m glad that Safari is adding it, as I am now a regular user of Google’s Chrome not only because of it’s speed, but also because of the library of extension that Chrome currently have!

Developers submit your Extensions to Safari now!

Safari 5 to be Announce by Steve Jobs on Monday’s WWDC?

According to reports from French Blog MacGeneration, one of announcement on Monday’s WWDC 2010 is Safari! It has been a while since Apple update their Safari, with Google’s Chrome gaining more and more market shares, it’s time for them to update their browser too?

From the document posted, Safari 5 will come with built-in Reader(RSS Reader) to better and easier RSS Reading, Bing will also join the rest of the search engine like Yahoo! and Google. 25 Percent faster performance for JavaScripts  and DNS prefetching like Chrome. Improved HTML5 Supports, like Full-Screen HTML5 Video, GeoLocation and more.

Stay Tuned at WWDC 2010 reports in UsingApple, its going to be an exciting event! 🙂

Mobile Safari VS Opera Mini

Is Opera Mini faster than Mobile Safari – The answer is YES!

Page Loading Speed

Page load is definitely faster in Opera Mini than iPhone’s Mobile Safari. Out of the five or so sites load over Wi-Fi, the average load time of Opera Mini beat Safari by almost 15  seconds! Although the speed will vary if your connection to Opera’s Server is slow or Opera’s Server load is high. So now surfing on Opera Mini highly dependent on its server.

Browser Boot up time

Mobile Safari won this round by “caching” it iPhone System memory, although Safari’s boot up time is slower during cold start. Cold start meaning fresh from reboot of iPhone, when you launch Mobile Safari, it will be slower than Opera Mini. But after caching it, from then on, it only take close to 1 second to boot up.

If you wish to just have a quick check of the web and don’t want to wait 4 seconds for each launch. Safari is the one.

JavaScript, DOM and CSS Speed

Gizmodo team used Dramaeo browser performance testing tool to test JavaScript, DOM and CSS Speed for both mobile safari and Opera Mini. Although Mobile Safari took a long time for the test, but it still manage to complete the test, whereas Opera Mini failed most of them.

Looks and browsing experience

After using Opera Mini for 2 days or so, I feel it is clean and fast enough to be use as the main browser. Pinch and Zoom works fine, scrolling and surfing the web seems to be close to be as pleasant as browsing on mobile safari.

But the main issue is the rendering, Opera Mini when showing the whole page, rendered it in a very weird matter. Texts and Pictures can’t be seen as clearly as you can see on Mobile Safari. As seen on the picture above, Mobile Safari actually render the page in a nicer way, where you can see text and picture clearly whereas Opera Mini fails to present it nicely.

Opera Mini set to release on iPhone. And it is very fast!


If you think safari in iPhone is not for you, or you think it is not fast enough when it is rendering the page. There might be a alternative soon. Opera is set to release Opera Mini on iPhone, and they have given a demo at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress.

Opera Mini has a very different approach in displaying web pages. When opera mini send request for a page, the request will be sent to Opera’s Server which acts like a proxy server. The web page sent to Opera’s Server will be processed, rendered and compressed by Opera’s backend server before sending the page back to Opera mini on iPhone. Due to the compressed format, the page sent over will be smaller thus faster. But time is not the only factor reduce, size of the file is also reduced. Opera Team claimed that page is 90% smaller than the original file, thus saving bandwidth for iPhone users who are not on unlimited data plan.

Cool har?

As Reported, Opera Mini is very fast!

This is a unique opportunity to introduce the fast, feature-rich Opera Mini experience for the iPhone, and to showcase our latest beta releases of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini on other platforms and devices. Opera’s mission is to bring the Web to the world, and by making Opera Mini available on yet another platform, we are one step closer.

People from wired was also very impressed with the speed of Opera Mini:

we were very keen to see how it would fare. Our first impression? It’s fast. …… Scrolling through webpages is silky smooth, with nary a glitch or stutter regardless of the size of the page. The interface is instantaneously responsive as well, just as you’d expect from the iPhone. However, those expecting a tightly integrated browsing experience will be disappointed.

According to Reuters, Opera Mini for iPhone has not been submitted to Apple for review, and it remains unclear if Apple will approve the App as it seems to be a direct competitor to iPhone’s Safari.

As Opera Mini is not out yet, please stay tuned to UsingApple for more information on it!