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New Macbook Air is going to have Backlit Keyboards

Backlit Keyboard coming to Macbook Air?

One of the best loved features of Macbook Pro is the backlit keyboards. Yes, it is a feature that alot of people will forget, but when you need it, you will miss it like crazy! At times when I have to work in a dark room, having backlit keyboards are like having light at the end of the tunnel!

Thus when Macbook Air came out last year, it is one of the best laptop ever built by Apple, because it is so light and so snappy. But backlit keyboard are heavily missed. It has always been a rumor that backlit keyboard will be added back to the next generation Macbook Airs. But with the above leaked photo, it might really be coming to us very soon!

Let’s stay tuned and hope that backlit keyboard will be a new feature in Macbook Air!