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Piolo – an useful mini stand for your iPhone 4!

Useful Mini Stand for your iPhone 4

How many times you wish your iPhone 4 have a stand which can hold it in the position you enjoy as you are watching your movie? How many times your hands feel so tired after watching a movie on your iPhone in plane? Finally we have a very useful and easy to carry around stand – Piolo.


Piolo is a handy little gadget exactly for it! Weighing just 3.1 grams, it is small, thin and can fit on your keyring or carry around in your pocket. Pretty cool har? What’s even better is the price, you buy any of them with just £4.00 and shipping around the world just £0.80. I love the shipping price, as alot of nice little gadget cost less than $10, but the shipping price itself is another $10!

If you are interested, you can grab Piolo here for just £4.80.

iPad 2 Review – Fake but Funny [Video]

Ok, It’s a pure joke, but they really put in a lot of effort in doing up this “iPad 2” review, which I think we should give them some credit. Very good imagination I would say and funny.

Exkild is very young, but very talent creative director and actor, Check out the rest of his creation in YouTube, but check out his “iPad 2 Review” first:

Yes, they used an 27″ iMac as the so-called ‘iPad 2″, lots of effect and very cool ideas. Hope you enjoyed the joke.

If you like people making fun of iPad 2, be sure to check out our previous post on funny iPad 2 videos.

iReview: Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeves for iPad

Fabrix Cases sent their newest Magic Sleeve for Apple iPad for UsingApple to review! We think that Fabrix Magic Sleeve for iPad is really quite cool, It is built to the precise dimension of the iPad for both Wifi and 3G model. What we like about this case is that it is made of soft cotton material which is very comfortable to hold on, and extremely light compare to most cases available.

It slip just right in and it will be held with a inner “pillow flap” which will prevent your iPad from slipping out of the case. As it is sleeve, lined with soft cushion padding, it will not only protect scratches for the back and the screen, it can also protect for slight bump! Due to the sleeve design, the screen is kept clean and you might even be able to “wipe some oil” from your iPad screen when you slip in and take out of the sleeve! Haha!

Overall we feel that this sleeve is very cool, it protects the iPad quite well and it comes with different colour and design which we love!

Fabrix Cases sent the iPad Sleeve to us in a very nice package which is a nice surprise!

Magic Sleeve for Apple iPad is priced at USD$32.90, and which each purchase you will be given $10 discount of iPod Cases, remember to key in coupon code “bundlejoy”!

To thank our Singapore Readers, Fabrix Cases have decided to give our Singapore Reader 1 free Magic Sleeve for iPad(the one that we reviewed). All you need to do is to leave us a comment on this post! We will pick a lucky reader, so please leave your email address when u comment, we will be contacting the lucky winner!

We have randomly picked our Lucky Reader Justine! Check out the youtube video on how we picked ( We have contacted him, and will be sending to him the Fabrix Cases Magic Sleeve for iPad soon! 🙂

Do join Fabrix Case’s Facebook Fan page and UsingApple’s Facebook Fan Page too!

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Note: This is not a paid review, we are giving away our review item too.