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Refurbished iPad is $150 cheaper in Singapore’s Apple Store

One of the way to save money when you want to buy any Apple product is to check out the Apple Refurbished Store. Normally you will get around 10-30% discount from products ranging from iPod to Macbook Pros. I just found out yesterday that Singapore Apple Store is already selling refurbished iPad Wifi Only version and the discount you will get is huge! You can get up S$150 off from 64Gb Model!

Why buy Refurbished Products from Apple?

Although it might not be a good time to buy a new iPad since a refresh will be coming soon, but for those who are interested in buying an iPad now, you could check out the Refurbished Apple Store for iPad.

I know most people will have this typical mindset that refurbished items don’t last long as they are products that has been returned by users and they are not new. But Apple have a very good practise with their refurbished products, they will fix or replace spoilt component, check thoroughly for any other issues, replace the existing battery with a new one and replace the case. So there is no way you will see scratches nor lousy battery life due to previous usage. And honestly, the percentage of refurbished items to have problems again is almost the same with any new items you purchase from the store.

And not to forget all refurbished items on Apple Store will still have 1 year of AppleCare Warranty and you can still extend your AppleCare to 2 years or 3 years for iPad and other Mac products.

So check out the Apple Refurbished Store for cheaper Apple product if you would like to save some cash! 🙂

Refurbished iPad now in Apple Store for purchase!

Apple Refurbished fans need to wait no longer, they have finally launched their refurbished iPad series, where you now can get iPad Wifi Models at a discounted price of $449 for 16GB, which is $50 less than brand new ones. Lots of Apple fan boys buys refurbished products from Apple, as they are not only cheaper, but you can’t really tell the difference from a brand new Apple Product to a Refurbished ones.

Thus buying refurbished products from Apple might be one of the ways to save some apple tax money, and note that all refurbished products are all comes with 1 year of limited warranty and they are also eligible for AppleCare Warranties. The sad news is Apple Fans from Singapore and outside of US got to wait for sometime, as refurbished iPads are still not available outside of US.

If you are interested in purchasing your refurbished iPad, proceed to the US Apple Store now.