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Apple updated Time Capsules to 3TB

The long awaited refresh for Time Capsules and Airport Extreme is finally here. But it was a disappointing one. Apple only added 1TB more on the new Time Capsule, nothing else has been change. Airport Extreme have no changes at all, not even price. This is one of my most disappointed refresh ever.

Time Capsule and Airport Extreme have been around for quite some time. I thought if Apple have nothing to update on the 2 accessories, they should have reduce the price as network technology from Airport Extreme is not the newest anymore. So I assume producing it will be much cheaper over time too.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in purchasing a new Time Capsule, you now can buy the 3TB Time Capsule at USD$499.

12 Core Mac Pros Available for Order now!

Apple is now accepting orders for their new 12 cores Mac Pros. It has been quite awhile since Mac Pro got their refresh, now finally you can order new Mac Pros. They come in 3 configurations:

$2499 – (Quad Core) One 2.8GHz Quad-Core Nehalem Processor
$3499 – (8-Core) Two 2.4GHz Quad Core Westmere Processors
$4999 – (12-Core) Two 2.66GHz 6-Core Westmere Processors

Each Configuration you can further customize it with faster processor, newer and faster graphics or even SSD Drives.

You will be able to get the new Mac Pros in 7-10days. So buy them at Apple Store now!