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MacUpdate Bundle: Parallels 7, Busycal, ScreenFlow and more for just $49.99

I’m a fan of MacUpdate Bundle/Promo, I bought Macupdate bundle last year, and this year their promotion is here again. Unlike most other promotions, Macupdate bundle usually consist of alot of good and quality applications. Imagine you are getting the usual $79.99 Parallels 7 Desktop, $49.99 BusyCal and $99 ScreenFlow. This 3 apps will already be worth the $49.99 you are going to pay.

Check out the full list of apps below:

1) Parallels Desktop 7 ($79.99)
2) BusyCal ($49.99) (first 10,000 bundles)
3) ScreenFlow 3 ($99.00)
4) Civilization V ($39.99) Gods & Kings expansion pack for just $20
5) Jaksta ($49.95)
6) Espionage 3 ($19.99)
7) Attachment Tamer 3 ($14.99)
8 ) Speed Download 5 ($25.00)
9) KeyCue 6 ($28)
10) A Better Finder Rename 9 ($19.95)
11) My Living Desktop 5 ($29.95)

For more information on the apps, watch the video:

Seriously very worth it. If you are interested, please check out and save tons of money.

EA Back to School Sales for iOS Games

Yes, Back to School Sales from EA.

I’m not too sure why is it called back to school promotion, as we all know parents hate their kids to play games, and worse if schools are back! Of course, EA is putting up sales because they don’t want kids to be overstressed due to school reopen. A little sale can be good, as you can let your kids play abit of games, while studying hard.

Remember, All work no Play will bring you no where! So, check out EA’s Back to School Sales here. iPad and iPhone Games are discounted up to 80%, a pretty good deal.

Apple back to School is not giving out iPod Touch but $100 iTunes Gift Card

Apple’s Back to School Promo

Apple support students by having Back to School Promotion yearly, giving special discounts to all Mac Hardwares like iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Of course not just discount, but Apple used to give out free iPod Touches, but this year they are not giving out any. But don’t feel disappointed, Apple are giving out $100 iTunes Gift Cards to all students. Yes, you might feel you are short-changed as we used to get $200+ iPod Touches for free, but now only getting $100 iTunes Gift Cards.

Why iTunes Gift Cards?

I think that Apple’s decision to give out iTunes Gift Cards is good, although many people will argue otherwise. But from my point of view, which student don’t have iPod or iPhone already? Those that yet to have, might not be interested to have one. That aside, to help students with their school, iPod Touch might not be that useful. But do you know that iTunes Gift Card can be use not only to buy music from iTunes, but Apps from App Store, yes Mac App Store too. So students can buy useful Apps from Mac App Store for note taking, mind mapping or software like iWorks for documentations. Other than App Store and iTunes, students can buy iBooks from iBookStore which is pretty useful.

How about $150?

So overall, I feel that iTunes Gift Cards as a giveaway for Back to School Promotion, I feel is a very very good idea. But I hope Apple can increase the amount from $100 to $150! Yes, $50 might not seems alot, but to a student, he/she can buy the whole iWorks suite of softwares, or other cool apps. We are not sure if students in Singapore are getting iTunes Gift Cards too, as nothing has been announced. We will post a update once we got any news.


MacUpdate Promo 2010: 12 Mac Apps for just $49.99

MacUpdate Promo Bundle is here again! You will be able to get 10 Mac Applications for just $49.99, but if you are the first 10,000 buyer, you will be able to get 2 more apps free. 12 apps total up to $443, it is a great discount to get them at just $49.99.

So what are the apps in this bundle?

  1. MindNode Pro – An easy to use Mindmapping App
  2. Concentrate – An App that helps you concentrate on working, open up programs you need, and block sites that will distract you!
  3. Cashculator – Financial Planner, helps you calculate your budgets and expenses
  4. My Living Desktop – As the name of the app said, make your desktop alive, play video on your desktop like a moving picture
  5. Toast 10 Titanium – One of the best Disc Burner and Media Converter on Mac
  6. Live Interior 3D Std – Design 3D Interior Floor Plan Design
  7. Espionage – Super easy to use Encryptor App, very pretty app
  8. ShareTool – Let you share media, files and folders easily and accessible anywhere
  9. Get Backup Pro – Backup, Sync and create bootable clones App
  10. Voila 3 – Easy to use, but powerful screen capture tool
  11. Compartments (First 10k Buyer) – Inventory Software to keep track of items at home
  12. Vitamin R (First 10k Buyer)- Let you be more productivity during work

Get your Bundle now!

BundleHunt – 12 great deals in 1 Bundle!

This bundle is the heaven of all Designer or Blogger, it includes WordPress themes, HTML Editor, Web Hosting, Design EBook, billing software, icons and stock photos all in 1 Package. They total up to $1400 but you will be able to get them at just $49 in this special deal period.

Bundle Hunt is a premium resource pack aimed at empowering the creative community, offering more than $1,400 worth of outstanding apps, templates, icons, eBooks, hosting plans and premium memberships, all for less than $50. The design bundle will only be available for 14 days, from Aug. 2-16 and includes some of the most prestigious brands in the business.

Bundle Hunt is a premiere service within the design community, a project started by Noura Yehia, founder of, and curated by well-know authors in the design community, including Walter Apai of Webdesignerdepot; Steven Snell of Vandelay Design; Henry Jones of WebDesignLedger; Jacob Gube of; Jon Philips of SpyreStudios and Ray Cheung of

The Bundle is finally exposed, here is the complete line-up:

Billings, THE time billing program for professionals who want to simplify quoting, invoicing and time tracking. Includes customizable templates for those who want their invoices to make a good first impression. Valued at $39.99

Flux is a state of the art WYSIWYG engine that creates the code for you as you drag and drop web page elements. If you prefer to have control over how the code looks, you can also switch to a mode that allows HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Official price – $63.99!

Mastering Photoshop, the new eBook from Smashing Magazine, is written for advanced and intermediate designers who want to brush up on their workflow and improve their Photoshop skills. The eBook contains 178 pages, explaining fundamental techniques that Web designers need to know to produce high-quality work in Photoshop. Official price – $19.90!

Subernova is a sleek project management tool that lets you track time, send invoices and estimates, collaborate with others and keeps your business smooth by keeping tabs on late payments, deadlines and more. Get a one year membership worth $149.99!

MojoThemes offers high quality templates for WordPress, Tumblr, and co. With the Bundle, you get three best selling three WordPress themes (Signal 8, Apollo & FolioStudio) valued at $135.

DryIcons is another icon site with exclusive resources. They created a special pack for Bundle Hunt worth $150!

WP Bakery is a new WordPress themes marketplace that prepared two never-seen-before templates (Cubixoid & Simplic) valued at $70.

Icondock is one of the most trusted places for stock icons. Bundle Hunt includes their Moi icon pack usually sold for $60.

Designious is a well-known resource for designers around the world, offering more than 6000 stock graphic files. The Bundle includes the Giga Vector Pack sold for $179.99.

Photocase is a strictly curated stock photography platform focusing on modern, creative photography. They made an exclusive selection of the most popular 100 photos (extra large size) worth $500!

Vandelay Premier is a new membership-based community managed by Vandelay Design. They prepared a special pack with high quality textures, bokeh backgrounds, Photoshop brushes & more. List price – $27.

Site5 is a web hosting company specially created for web designers. They offer free migration and a guaranteed 99.99% uptime. Get 6 months of the HostPro + Turbo plan worth $83.70!

Get your Bundle now at BundleHunt, note that promotion will end by 16 August 2010.

6 Top Web Apps Premium Version at just $58!

You won’t get better deal than this I would think, now 6 Top Web Application that we use in our daily life will only cost you $58!

AppSumo currently have a bundle promotion offering 6 Top Application Premium Version which includes Evernote, Remember The Milk, TimeBridge, MindMeister, RescueTime and Shoeboxed!

So how much will you really save with this bundle? Here’s the break down:

  • Evernote (1Year)                       $45
  • Remember the Milk (1Year )  $25
  • TimeBridge(1Year )                  $135
  • MindMiester (1Year)               $59
  • RescueTime (6 Months)         $36
  • ShoeBoxed(2 months)            $40

Total it will normally cost you $340, but with the AppSumo bundle, you will getting the above with just $58. It is quite a huge deal in my view, especially worth it for Evernote and Remember The Milk which I use in my daily life on my MacBook Pro.

There are only 95 Bundles left for grab and the end date will be 24th of June! So grab it fast! Check out AppSumo here

Back to School Promotion finally back!

Back to School Promotion is finally back! Now you can get a free iPod with every purchase of iMac or Macbook/Macbook Pro!

If you wish to buy Macbook/Macbook Pro, now is the best time as they have just been refreshed, and you can get a new 8GB iPod Touch free! But if you wish to buy iMac, you can also buy, but who knows there might be a refresh of iMac during WWDC?

Check out the FAQ from Apple before buying to see if you are qualified!