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Nokia N9 – Apple MacBook Pro lookalike?

Don’t tell me they don’t look similar! They almost look exactly the same, yes, Apple Macbook Pro and Nokia’s N9. ¬†One of Nokia’s newest innovation is N9 running MeeGO, but if you take a look at the hardware it looks exactly like Macbook Pro.

I’m not sure if Apple can sue them on this, but anyone who saw the phone will feel that it is a “copy”!

Apple posted Droid X and Nokia N97 Mini Antenna Issues

Apple is indeed dragging everyone into the smartphone antenna hell! During Apple’s iPhone 4 Press Conference Event, Steve Jobs showed us video on how other smartphone on market now all have similar antenna issues like iPhone 4 did, they further pushed it by posting Droid X and Nokia N97 Mini video too.

Why Apple do this?

I kind of understand why Apple want to do it, imagine if you are the kid that was blamed on not passing the exam, and was punished by the world school, but the whole class did not pass the exam too, won’t you want to drag them in too? I know it is not the best example, but it is kind of what Apple is doing. But have you all realise something? No one in the world cares about how poorly Nokia, Motorola or HTC antenna did, Apple iPhone is already dominating everyone’s mind that it is only Smartphone that people care, whether how good or how bad.

Check out the Video posted by Apple:

Nokia N97 Mini:

Motorola Droid X

Video Chat on iPhone 4 Over 3G

Video Call to Android phone with iPhone 4 Fring App

Apple launch iPhone 4 with a new way of communication, FaceTime. With FaceTime you can video chat with your love ones anywhere in the world, but you need Wifi and the person on the other end need to hold on to iPhone 4 too(for now).

Fring App has just been approved, changing everything. Now you can video chat with your love ones, anywhere with 3G and any mobile devices supported by fring, that includes android phones!

Fring’s blog:

With the new fring for iPhone you get lots of fring goodies including 2 way video-calling where you want and with whom you want!

– Face-to-face video calls with friends on their Droids, Nokia (Symbian S60) and other iPhones
– Video calls over 3G or Wi-Fi (Performance over 3G is subject to mobile operators’ 3G coverage & quality)

To see a demo of it, check out their youtube video:

So what are you waiting for? Download Fring today and enjoy 2 Way video chat with your android friends for free over 3G now!