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Apple: Tomorrow is another Day, you will never forget

Apple: Tomorrow is another day, you will never forget! So what is Apple going to announce tomorrow? None of us have any idea, but it seems to be an iTunes announcement where only people from California, New York, London and Tokyo are focused? Or maybe they represent the major cities of the majority of iTunes Users.

Users like me from Singapore have no access to iTunes music, if it is Streaming Music that Apple is announcing, it most likely won’t be coming to Singapore too. Let’s wait and see what Apple is gonna¬†surprise¬†us again!

Stay Tuned for the update!

Pay for your train ride with your iPhone with VISA payWave soon!

In the near future, you might be able to pay for your train rides with just your iPhone through VISA payWave! Visa have announced that in near future New Yorkers will be able to pay for their subway ride just with their iPhone!

But what is payWave? payWave is actually smart chip which allow you to just wave your credit card or payWave device without signature or pin code. Since iPhone do not have Visa smart chip inbuilt, thus you will need to buy a specially built iPhone Case to use this feature.

Will this feature be coming to Singapore? We don’t think they will be coming to local MRT so soon as it should be in trial period, and in Singapore we are already using ezlink technology, so who knows we might have a ezlink iPhone case coming very soon! :X