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Apple Event 2 March: iPad 2, MobileMe and more?

Today is the Apple Event, which will be held at 10AM PST, which will be 2AM Singapore Time. So what will us be seeing today as mentioned by Apple asking us to come see what they have for us for 2011.

iPad 2

Of course we will be seeing a refresh of iPad. Most likely iPad 2 will be equipped with 2 camera, front and back. Faster processor and more RAM and more Flash Memory. iPad 2 should be thinner and lighter, and maybe better screen.


Apple has been building this super huge data center, which we still don’t know what will they do. Rumors are either MobileMe free for all iPhone and Mac users? Or maybe we will get iTunes Cloud or some new?

Mac OS X Lion

More preview for Mac OS Lion, lots of reviews of Mac OS Lion has been floating around. Thus I’m sure Apple will want to show those features themselves. We might be seeing iWork 2011 or maybe even iWork moving onto Cloud.

iPhone 5

June should be the refresh for iPhone 5, so we might be seeing some early preview or announcements of iPhone 5 or even a new version of iOS?


Last but not the least, iMac refresh is almost on the way, thus we might be seeing the new iMac.

Stay tuned with us as we report you to the latest news on Apple’s Event today. We will be blogging a summary of the event.

iPhone Nano is really coming?

Rumors is high that Apple is planning to launch a new series of iPhone, iPhone “Nano” which is smaller and more affordable alongside the main stream iPhone 4. Wall Street Journal also reported that MobileMe will be getting a major revamp in June, which will allow users to not only store data, but most data and media in the the cloud.

This revamp of the MobileMe will allow Apple to reduce the size of the memory in the upcoming iPhone “nano” which will only have memory just enough the buffer data from the cloud. It works like what AppleTV is currently doing, having just enough memory to buffer the streams from cloud. When iPhone users buy media from iTunes, it will be kept in Apple’s Cloud, and can be stream from the cloud like which they have recently bought over.

Of course, all this are just rumors for now!

MobileMe New Interface and Improved WebMail

Apple launched their new interface for MobileMe, also updated their MobileMe WebMail as well as release a new Find my iPhone App in App Store

New WebMail Features includes:

– Widescreen and compact views.
– Rules to keep your email organized everywhere.
– Single-click archiving.
– Formatting toolbar.
– Faster performance.
– Increased security with SSL.
– Support for external email addresses
– Improved junk mail filtering

Details can be found in Apple

Find my iPhone App now available in Apple App Store

Find my iPhone App is now available for download in the Apple App Store! Previously this feature is found on MobileMe web interface, now they have a App for that. This App will find your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch location if you have lost it. Owners of the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch can log on to their MobileMe account and find the location of their device like the picture shown above.

MobileMe users not only can find their iPhone’s location, they can also Play sound on your iDevices so you can find it easier even if it is on vibration mode. Other than sending message to your device, you can also remotely lock or wipe off your data in the device to prevent anyone from using them if it is lost/stolen.

This App is free in App Store now, and can be installed on iOS 3.1.3 or later devices. But please note that this service is still limited to MobileMe users only for now, we are not sure if they will provide this service for free for the rest of the iDevices users in near future?

Download the Find My iPhone App now in App Store