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MicroSim Cards in Singapore now!

MicroSim Cards have reached the island of Singapore, but what is interesting is that Singapore is selling MicroSim Cards even before any device in Singapore is actually using it. Ok, there are a number of iPads which Singaporean have buy from US or even countries like Australia, Japan or even UK after the international launch.

iPad will only reach Singapore around July 2010, but M1 and Starhub have already started selling MicroSim Cards last saturday and Singtel is joining them tomorrow!

This is a good news as there are many who actually damaged their Sim Card while trying to trim them to MicroSim Card size, so which our Telecos selling their early, we can see lesser damaged Sim Cards and more MicroSim Cards Sales. Although we have also seen product that help you cut your Sim Card into MicroSim Card Size! [dk]