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Magic of Truth and Lies with iPod [Video]

Magic of Truth and Lies with iPods

We have seen people perform magic on iPad, now they do with it iPods. Marco Tempest did this Magic of Truth and Lies with just 3 iPods on TED. This is pretty cool, I can imagine that practicing the timing and trying to synchronizing the 3 iPod’s movements and position should be quite hard.

Check out his performance below:

Magic on iPad 2 [Video]

Steve Jobs said iPad is a magical device, it really is. You don’t believe? Check out the below video by simon. Although he is not the first person who have created magic shows with iPad, but he really fully utilized iOS’s features.

Although the video is named Exclusive Preview on iOS 5, but it ain’t iOS 5. It is just illusions, and but he used a very good name that attracted lots of traffic! Nevertheless, his tricks are very well done, and it covers alot of iOS’s features like FaceTime, Apps rotations and more.

So check out his video and let me know what you think.

Do and Create Magic with iPad

We have seen what people do with their iPad, watch videos, check emails, write documents, tweet, chat, skype, play games. But have you wonder what else can you do with it? Salary Magician thought differently, he created magic with iPad.

It is surprising how fast he managed to make and create magic out of iPad so soon as iPad only started selling in Japan less than a week or so! I’m sure more and more innovative ways of using your iPad will be coming soon as more and more people get hold of their iPads.

Check out his Magic!