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Apple Battery Charger

Apple also launched a totally new product, Apple Battery Charger. You might be asking why Apple want to release a battery charger? I think there’s a few reasons behind it.

Lots of Apple Accessories uses Battery, Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad

With the newly launched Apple Magic Trackpad, there are quite a few products that uses battery in Apple’s product line. Apple Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse and even Magic Trackpad. They are all using battery to power itself, so as a control-freak company, will you let lousy battery life destroy your product’s name? I’m sure lots of people have been using lousy battery or rechargeable batteries that don’t hold charge well, causing users have to replace the battery frequently.

So it is a no-brainer for Apple to release their own Battery and Battery Charger to ensure users have a good experience using their battery-operated products!

So what is different about Apple Battery Charger

As a Environment-Friendly Company, Apple tried their best and their Battery Charger has one of the lowest standby usage values, or “vampire draw”. Most Charger out in the market continues to draw a lot of power even after the batteries are fully charged, Apple Battery Charger senses when its batteries are done charging and automatically reduces the amount of power it needs. In addition, the reusable batteries that come with each Apple Battery Charger are designed to maintain a high charge capacity for hundreds of charges, so you no longer have to buy new batteries or toss them every few months. They even stated that a battery can last around 10 years of usage, which is crazy long!

Apple Battery Charger cost $29 and with 6 Batteries included, it is quite a good buy, you can buy it in Apple Store.

Magic Trackpad is here! iMac and Mac Pro users no longer jealous of MacBook Pro Users

Apple Magic TrackPad

One of the most innovative thing that was included in Macbook and Macbook Pro is their Trackpad, where you can have multi-touch gestures that will do scrolling, flipping and zooming. This is something that no iMac or Mac Pro users can have, Apple released the first ever multi-touch Magic Mouse last year, but the gesture you can use are still quite limited.

Yesterday Apple released their new Apple Magic Trackpad, it is virtually taken out from Macbook Pro and reproduced into this new Apple Magic Trackpad, with bluetooth added. Now you can use the full multi-touch gestures that you normally use on Macbook Pro, swipe, pinch to zoom, scroll and more.

So who will benefit and what use will it have?

With Apple launching this Magic Trackpad, I can see users replacing it for their magic mouse or normal mouse, as anyone who have used Macbook Pro Trackpad will say that it is the best trackpad they have ever use. It can be said to be as easy to use as any mouse but can do more functions like pinch to zoom, swipe and even scroll with 2 or 3 fingers.

So who else will be interested in buying? Home Entertainment System owners! They have been looking for something like that for years!!! If your Home Entertainment System, let’s say a Mac Mini is plugged to your Television, it is not easy to use a mouse. You need to have a mouse pad or a table to do scrolling and pointing. With this Apple Magic Trackpad, you can use it on your lap and scroll and point like any other laptop you have. I believe this will be huge for Home Entertainment System users.

Apple Magic Trackpad can be buy from any Apple Store now or you can go to Apple website to purchase it.