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Macbook Pro line refreshed! 15″ and 17″ comes with i5 and i7 now!

Apple Store was down! We all know something is coming. Macbook Pro line refreshed!!

We all have been waiting for awhile for this refresh, ever since Apple refreshed Macbook line, making Macbook’s features and specs better than the low end 13″ MacBook Pro. Now we have finally seen the refresh.

13 Inch Macbook Pro
Now the lowest End 13″ MBP is updated with 2 more GB with Memory, 250GB of Hardisk, new NVIDIA graphics, faster processer, last but not the least, 10 hours of Battery life!

15 Inch Macbook Pro
Mid-End 15″ is upgraded with a i5 Chip where as the High-end 15″ is upgraded with i7!

17 Inch Macbook Pro
Strangely, it only have i5 rather than i7. Not too sure about the reasons. Details below:
Visit Apple Store now for more details!

Squeeze reduced my total harddisk size by 20gb!

Remember Squeeze from latenitesoft? It now saved my total harddisk size by 20gb! Meaning I have 20gb more space to download stuff! How amazing!

1 month ago when MacHeist gave our Squeeze for free before its nano-bundle. I have grabbed a copy of it, and during that time i have posted how much it actually squeezed my files. It was 175mb.

Now, after 1 month, Squeeze for Mac not just saved me 175mb. It actually saved 21.8gb! And it is still squeezing as I am blogging this post! How amazing is that?

What can I say about this software? I will say this is great. Especially for users who are on Macbook or Macbook Pro, where harddisk space is so limited and important. Squeezing the whole document or download folder will definately help in saving space.

What is best is that although the files in folders are compressed, but they still can be access without any problem. No unzipping, no nothing. When Squeeze is squeezing your files, it did not took up too much CPU power, to be honest, i don’t sense any lag nor slowness, I don’t even know it is actually compressing my files.

So what are you waiting for? Download Squeeze now at latenitesoft!

Multi-Touch Gaming demo on MacBook Pro

Multi-Touch Gaming might be coming to MacBook Pro?! The video shows a gaming prototype on MacBook Pro’s Touch Pad. No doubt it is as interactive as what we get from iPhone. Thus it might prove that Multi-touch gaming might be the next big thing.

As we all know iTablet/iSlate is coming out on 27th January 2010 Event. Thus multi-touch gaming will be the main focus on iTablet!

Cool yeah? I am sure gaming is enjoyable on iPhone, iTablet and MacBook  if it’s Multi-Touch!

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