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All PopCap Mac Games for just $50

Incredible good offer from Mac PopCap Gamers, now you can have the entire library of PopCap’s games all for just USD$50!

The entire library of 13 games includes:

• Amazing Adventures 3: The Caribbean Secret
• Bejeweled 2
• Bookworm
• Chuzzle
• Escape Rosecliff Island
• Feeding Frenzy
• Iggle Pop
• Peggle
• Peggle Nights
• Plants Vs. Zombies
• Mystery P.I.: Lost in L.A.
• Zuma
• Zuma’s Revenge
This is a super cool deal if you play Popcap games, especially Plants vs Zombies which was made popular by its iPhone/iPad version.

Select Mac OS X Dialog using keyboard

Do you wish to select your options that was pop up to you in your Mac? This is something you can do with ease as a Windows user, but as a Mac switcher or a Mac user, it is not a easy task.

Just follow the steps below, and you can select options just like in Windows:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Keyboard -> Click on the Keyboard Shortcut Tab

3. Select All Controls for Full Keyboard Access

4. Next time when Dialog box appears -> Press on TAB -> You will see a blue box around the option after you tab

5. After you have selected the option you wish to select, Press on SPACE to select the option, and you are done!

Hope this 5 steps will help you next time when a dialog box appear in your life, and you will be able to select on the option without mouse nor trackpad!

Flash 10.1 “Gala” runs lighter on Mac now

Adobe have released a preview version of  Flash 10.1 codenamed Gala for Mac, to make use of hardware acceleration support.

What it actually means is that Flash Player 10.1 supports H.264 video decoding onMac OS X 10.6.3, taking advantages of hardware acceleration support for 3rd party which Apple have just released.


Hardware video decoding allows Flash Player to offload H.264 video decoding tasks from the CPU to deliver smooth, high quality video with minimal overhead, improving video playback performance, reducing system resource utilization, and extending battery life

So which hardwares are supported for this version of flash player:

– MacBooks shipped after January 21st, 2009
– Mac Minis shipped after March 3rd, 2009
– MacBook Pros shipped after October 14th, 2008
– iMacs which shipped after the first quarter of 2009

Thus NVDIA Geforce 9400M, Gefore 320M and Gefore GT 330M are all being support.

Download “Gala” here! Please note that Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is still a preview, not a released product.

5 things you need to know if you are still wondering should you switch to mac

Apple’s Mac sales has been up in recently years, mostly due to the success of iPhone. There are more and more iPhone users each day, and the numbers are still growing. It is true that iPhone has been pushing Mac’s sales, as most iPhone users have great experience using their iPhone.

But some are still wondering if they should switch to Mac, they are worried about many things when switching to mac. Here’s 5 things you need to know if you are still wondering should you switch.

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iPhone now generate most revenue for Apple

Apple first launch iPhone 3 years ago, now Apple’s iPhone generate 40% of the company’s revenue

From the chart above, we can clearly see that iPhone is now earning 40% of Apple’s revenue, and I’m sure it will still be growing. iPhone from first launch, have already sold close to 50million units. Which is superb, next in line is Mac.

With the newly launched MacBook Pro and iMacs, Mac’s sales figure will still be growing, in fact iPhone also helped to increase Macs sales.

Not to forget iPad which was just launch on April, with just 3 weeks into sales, Apple have already sold more than 500,000 iPads in US. It will sure to increase after Apple’s iPad international launch.

iReview – Miro Video Converter

I always have problem when I want to convert video from 1 format to another, especially when format not supported by iTunes or Handbrake, format like RMVB. I found a converter that do convert rmvb to mp4, and its FREE

Miro Video Converter is newly launched, Free and open-source. It runs on both Mac and Windows. It is based on FFMPEG thus it supports tons of formats.

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Share any files instantly and easily in the web with CloudApp

Do you have a file that you wish to send to your friend or family members, but don’t know how to share? Do you have a song or video you wish to let your friend view/listen but don’t know where to upload? Alot of online files sharing sites are not user-friendly! Now you can just drag and drop a file online, instantly!

CloudApp is the new file sharing site + App which you can download and install on your Mac. By just drag and droping the file into the cloud icon on the menubar, you will instantly upload your file online. Next just paste the link onto email or IM chat to share the link! It is so simple!

Download CloudApp now!

Squeeze reduced my total harddisk size by 20gb!

Remember Squeeze from latenitesoft? It now saved my total harddisk size by 20gb! Meaning I have 20gb more space to download stuff! How amazing!

1 month ago when MacHeist gave our Squeeze for free before its nano-bundle. I have grabbed a copy of it, and during that time i have posted how much it actually squeezed my files. It was 175mb.

Now, after 1 month, Squeeze for Mac not just saved me 175mb. It actually saved 21.8gb! And it is still squeezing as I am blogging this post! How amazing is that?

What can I say about this software? I will say this is great. Especially for users who are on Macbook or Macbook Pro, where harddisk space is so limited and important. Squeezing the whole document or download folder will definately help in saving space.

What is best is that although the files in folders are compressed, but they still can be access without any problem. No unzipping, no nothing. When Squeeze is squeezing your files, it did not took up too much CPU power, to be honest, i don’t sense any lag nor slowness, I don’t even know it is actually compressing my files.

So what are you waiting for? Download Squeeze now at latenitesoft!