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Mac Mini Price Drop internationally, but not in Singapore nor US!

Apple have quietly dropped their Mac Mini‘s price by quite a fair bit, but we have not seen any price drop in US nor Singapore! In UK, price of Mac Mini dropped from £649 to £599 and £929 to £879! There are a similar price drop in other European countries. It has been a while since Apple drop prices of existing Macs even before they refresh the line.

So if you are waiting to buy a Mac Mini in Europe, it is your time now, since you will also get the new iLife 2011 which will come bundle free with any new Mac purchased.

Apple Back to Mac Event: iLife 11

Apple’s Back to the Mac event is live and streaming here, to give you a summary, check out the blog post of it below!

Now iPhoto supports Full Screen, Facebook Enhancement, Emailing Photo, New Slide Shows, Big Leap in Books and letterpress cards.

It looks like iPad’s Photo view, with it running full-screen.

iPhoto 11’s new Slideshow Templates and musics!

iPhoto 11 will help you create your Photo Book with ease. Not only it have new theme and full screen book creation wizard. It will even help you select photos that you have given good ratings, and organize them automatically base on location and time of capture. Of course you can also do customization to the photo books if you wants to do any changes to it.

You can create letterpress cards straight from iPhoto 11! It is just too cool!

iMovie 11 will have new Audio Editing, more powerful than what we have now. One Step Effects, People Finder, News and Sports Themes and Movie Trailer Wizard.

You will be able to create special effects on your video with just 1 step and it is really easy to create.

iMovie 11 help you create very nice movie trailer and clips by running through with you what you need to have. Not only that.. It have people finders, and filters that can help you find action, group and closeup video in your video! Which is super helpful and great to have!

GarageBand 11 adds Flex Time, Groove Matching, Guitar Amps & effects, New Piano & Guitar Lessons.

Groove Matching can help you fix your groove issues, especially when you band don’t play so well together!

Learn how to play Piano and Guitar with GarageBand!

iLife 11 will be available today for just $49 when you upgrade from your existing Mac. You will get iLife 11 free if you buy a new Mac!

Apple Event: Back to the Mac on 20th October 2010

Apple have confirmed that there will be an Event on 20th October 2010 call Back to the Mac. Of course from the event name itself, we can tell it will be focusing on Mac. So what will be refresh this time round?

We all know most of Mac’s product line has been refreshed this year or late last year, they are Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and even Apple TV if you count it in. So what product is not refresh? Of Course it is Macbook Air! We haven’t seen any updates to Air for quite a while, and it might be time for an update before christmas.

But look at the picture of the Event, Lion. Yes, a new OS should be coming to us soon. I won’t be surprise to also see iLife to be updated together with Mac OS as iLife haven’t receive any updates for almost 2 years. It will be a very cool update I suppose else we won’t have to wait for 2 years for it!

So Stay tuned for more information on the Apple Back to the Mac Event, and we will be blogging about it!

MacUpdate Promo 2010: 12 Mac Apps for just $49.99

MacUpdate Promo Bundle is here again! You will be able to get 10 Mac Applications for just $49.99, but if you are the first 10,000 buyer, you will be able to get 2 more apps free. 12 apps total up to $443, it is a great discount to get them at just $49.99.

So what are the apps in this bundle?

  1. MindNode Pro – An easy to use Mindmapping App
  2. Concentrate – An App that helps you concentrate on working, open up programs you need, and block sites that will distract you!
  3. Cashculator – Financial Planner, helps you calculate your budgets and expenses
  4. My Living Desktop – As the name of the app said, make your desktop alive, play video on your desktop like a moving picture
  5. Toast 10 Titanium – One of the best Disc Burner and Media Converter on Mac
  6. Live Interior 3D Std – Design 3D Interior Floor Plan Design
  7. Espionage – Super easy to use Encryptor App, very pretty app
  8. ShareTool – Let you share media, files and folders easily and accessible anywhere
  9. Get Backup Pro – Backup, Sync and create bootable clones App
  10. Voila 3 – Easy to use, but powerful screen capture tool
  11. Compartments (First 10k Buyer) – Inventory Software to keep track of items at home
  12. Vitamin R (First 10k Buyer)- Let you be more productivity during work

Get your Bundle now!

Microsoft launch PC vs Mac site, and why I think Microsoft is Wrong!

Microsoft just launched a new PC vs Mac site telling users why they should choose Windows and buy a Windows PC/Laptop rather than Mac. They have categorized the reasons into 6 main groups, mainly “Having Fun”, “Simplicity”, “Working Hard”, “Sharing”, “Compatibility” and “Choice”.

Microsoft Reasons why You Should not choose a Mac

Their reasons:

  • Mac might spoil your fun, not allowing you to do things out of the box.
  • Mac take time to learn
  • Mac don’t work as well at work or school
  • Mac don’t like to share
  • Mac might not like your PC Stuff
  • Mac don’t let you choose

My Reasons why I think they are wrong:

  • Mac is full of fun, out of the box I have iTunes, one of the best media organizing app, iMovie, one of the easiest to use video editor, iPhoto, one of the best photo App. There are tons of very useful and stunning looking Apps like Safari, Final Cut, Skitch and Toast.
  • I was a new Mac user 1.5 years ago, and I took only 1 week to learn using Mac. Although I am still learning everyday, but using a Mac is completely different from Windows. You will still learn new things everyday although you might have use Mac for years.
  • Mac work very well with Office work and School work because I used it for both. During my Schooling days, most of my assignments are done on my Macbook Pro. I have Eclipse, CyberDuck, TextEdit, Evernote, OpenOffice to do my school work. I use Parallel for my Office work where it is a all Windows Environment with no issues at all.

  • Sharing is the easiest in any Mac computer compare to Windows. I can easily share Network, DVD-Drive, Harddisk, Folders, Files. There is even a dedicated Sharing area on Mac to ease your Sharing needs.(I love it)
  • Mac Love PC Stuff, I can never use Windows as easy as now, with Parallel.
  • The last point Microsoft got it quite right, Mac don’t let you choose. We are quite limited by the Processor, Hard disk, RAM, Optical Drive chosen by Apple and we don’t have much say. They are right, but for end consumers, I just hope my laptop works as simple as possible and never lag, and this is what I got from Macbook Pro. No hours of troubleshooting like my PC Days(I’m a PC users for more than 18years)

Yes, I might be biased, but I am speaking from my thoughts after using Mac for 1.5years or so.

What’s Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive Secret? They have just be named Smartest CEO & Designer

Fortune has chosen the top 50 Smartest CEO, Designers, Analysts, Founders, Engineers, Academics, Hybrids, Investors, Scientists and Executives. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, has been chosen for the top Smartest CEO and Jonny Ive, Apple’s Senior VP of Industrial Design was appointed the Smartest Designer.

So what’s their Secret of achieving that?! I think I know why….

This might be their secret behind all the success they have gotten for the past 10 years… Jonathan Ive has been wearing the same type of shirt for the past 10 years. This is exactly like what his Boss( Steve Jobs) is doing, wearing the same shirt, pants and shoes.

So what?

Although it looks like a joke, but think carefully, it is a mindset that you have to achieve, by wearing the same shirt same design for the past few years. Why? Because you want consistency, easy, simple, clean and people will have a lasting impression! This is exactly what Apple is about, to be simple, easy to use and consistency throughout their product line. They both are perfectionist and are doing their best for the company. So that might be their secret of achieving what they have now. At least from my point of view…

Radium: The Simplest and Easiest to use Internet Radio

If you want to listen to Radio, and you want to listen Internet Radio from your Mac, you will need Radium! Radium by far is what we feel as the simplest and easiest to use Internet Radio Application.

Most of the time, we get our radio fix from website of Radio Stations like Class 95FM, but it is always a pain to bookmark radio station, and switching from webpages to webpages when you wish to change channels. I was different once I got hold of Radium from Catpigstudio.

After installation, Radium sits quietly on your Menu Bar, and is always accessible to you.

When you Click on Radium’s Icon on Menu Bar, you will be able to see  a few options, like Add all Channels, Add Channels Manually, Import Channel From Stream URL and Quit.

As the options have suggested, you can add all the channels in Radium’s Network List, or you can add channel manually or if you know the Stream URL, you can add it in if it is not found on Radium’s Network List already.

As you might have notice, Radium’s Menu is very simple, so how do I select my preference and settings? You can access the Settings by clicking on the gear icon beside Radium’s Search Bar. From there you can select bandwidth’s quality or go to preference where you will have more settings you can adjust.

In the General Preference Tab, you can select options like last-played channel on startup/wake, which I think is a very neat feature, because I will always have my favorite channel playing when I boot up my mac in the morning! Not only that, you can also use Apple’s Shortcut/Multimedia Keys to access Radium.

One of the neatest feature that Radium have is the large collection of Internet Radio Network List! I’m sure lots of effort was spent in collecting this list of network, so users can just find their stations out of the box. It is quite a complex list, so try searching, you will be surprise your radio station might already be in there.

If your radio station is not in there, you can also add it manually in Radium, go to ‘Radium Preference‘, then to ‘Radio Network‘, click on the ‘+‘ icon. You will be prompt with the screen below where you can add your station’s information!

Adding Network is easy, but actually going to find your Radio Station Information is very difficult. But luckily Radium’s Network List is quite comprehensive.

Overall I feel Radium is really a very easy to use app for listening to internet radio, you just have to install and start listening without changing much settings or spend time finding your favorite radio station’s details. Radium’s Spotlight search is very useful, if you like switching from channels to channels.

Start enjoy the experience of listening to internet radio with radium for $16, you can find Radium here.  Oh ya! Radium is having a promotion at mupromo where you can get Radium 15% off @ 13.60, so check out MuPromo.

Putting a quick Notepad on your Mac’s Menubar

Many a times you wish you can quickly write down short notes to remind yourselves on something, or just to take down a phone number of your friend. But if you just open up a textedit document, you will normally forgot about it, or you just have too many textedit documents opened up! Evernote is one of the favorite program in mac, but most of the time you are taking notes that you will never need it again, thus what lifehacker shown us in the youtube video below is kind of helpful on events like this.

Check it out!

Google Chrome for Mac out of Beta now!

Google Chrome for Mac finally leaves Beta and is now a stable version! Google Chrome can be said as the fastest browser available in the market now, at least from my opinion. I have been using Google Chrome on Windows when it first launch, and using it on my mac when it first launch for Mac.

From my experience Google Chrome for Mac is getting better, faster and more stable over the past years. They also launch extensions for Google Chrome for Mac recently, do check it out as they really help and make browsing more enjoyable!

Download Google Chrome for Mac now!

Get A Mac Tribute as Apple puts an end to it

Its a pity that Apple is ending Get a Mac Ads Series, they are mostly very interesting and fun to watch. I’m sure they are one of the few creative ads we have seen around. But nevertheless, things got their lifecycle and we are sad that it is ending for Get a Mac.

But OneMoreThing’s have put together a tribute video for Get a Mac series and recap all the ads that they have shot.