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Thunderbolt on Macbook Air is slower than rest of Mac family

The new Macbook Air 2011 have very good overall comments from reviewers and users themselves. Such a thin and light device, but can be as powerful or even more powerful than most 2009 Macbook Pro. Equipped with SSD, lots of every task like launching app, importing photos and browsing the web are super snappy.

Smaller Thunderbolt Chip for Macbook Air 2011

One of the newer addition to the new Macbook Air 2011 is the new thunderbolt port which is not available in the older generation MBA. But don’t let it fool you, this thunderbolt is not the same as the one we see in Macbook Pro 2011, iMac or the new Mac Mini. The Thunderbolt port that is in this new Macbook Air is smaller, featuring only 2 Thunderbolt channels and supports only 1 external display rather than 4 Channels and 2 external display that we see in the rest of the family.

Of course, I doubt this will be a minus point for most user, as 1 external display should be more than enough. Plus the graphics card on Macbook Air will not be able to power up 2 external display, thus there isn’t any reason for Apple to put up a bigger and more power Light Ridge Thunderbolt Chip.

How are you enjoying your Macbook Air? Let us know!

New Mac Mini faster but dropped optical drive

Together with the launch of Mac OS X Lion, 2 new Apple hardware were refreshed too. Mac Mini and Macbook Air. Of course Macbook Air have gotten most of the limelight being the newest addition to the Mac Family line. Many will think that Macbook Air will be the future of laptops, and I totally agree. But will Mac Mini be the future of Mac Xserve?

Future of Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini 2011 has something missing, yes the optical drive. No more optical drive for Mac Mini from now onwards. Mac Mini has never been in spotlight of Mac family line, due to the lack of everything, no screen, no keyboards, no mouse no nothing comes together with Mac Mini. But this is the kind of machine you would like to be siting in your house. Quietly working to keep up with the iMacs, Macbook Airs, Macbook Pros, iPad and iPhone in your household. It will be your house’s Xserve if you want to put it in this way.

What is needed in a home server?

So what is needed as a home server?

  • Low power, but powerful enough for household.
  • Occupy very little space, but has the connections needed.
  • All in one little machine, able to backup, serve music and video to home entertainment center
  • Lots of space for backups or to serve files
  • Quiet

And yes, 2011 Mac Mini have all of it. Now having optical drive removed for all Mac Minis, you will have 1 extra slot for additional Hard disk.

Haven you gotten the new Mac Mini 2011? Tell us what you feel about it!

Hitler wants to save Apple’s Xserve too… [Video]

Save Apple Xserve

I myself is not a Apple Xserve user, but I’m sure a lot of companies, especially media related companies actually built their company from ground up with Apple products, which includes Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac and even Xserve. So how much impact will be on them after Apple killed Xserve? I’m sure it will be huge!

Current there are not really something that can directly replace Xserve, not Mac Mini Server, not even Mac Pro. So what do power users or corporate can do to save it? Go to SaveTheXserve to sign your petition to show your support for it.

Meanwhile, check out how Hitler tries to save the Xserve too:

Mac Mini Price Drop internationally, but not in Singapore nor US!

Apple have quietly dropped their Mac Mini‘s price by quite a fair bit, but we have not seen any price drop in US nor Singapore! In UK, price of Mac Mini dropped from £649 to £599 and £929 to £879! There are a similar price drop in other European countries. It has been a while since Apple drop prices of existing Macs even before they refresh the line.

So if you are waiting to buy a Mac Mini in Europe, it is your time now, since you will also get the new iLife 2011 which will come bundle free with any new Mac purchased.

Apple Event: Back to the Mac on 20th October 2010

Apple have confirmed that there will be an Event on 20th October 2010 call Back to the Mac. Of course from the event name itself, we can tell it will be focusing on Mac. So what will be refresh this time round?

We all know most of Mac’s product line has been refreshed this year or late last year, they are Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and even Apple TV if you count it in. So what product is not refresh? Of Course it is Macbook Air! We haven’t seen any updates to Air for quite a while, and it might be time for an update before christmas.

But look at the picture of the Event, Lion. Yes, a new OS should be coming to us soon. I won’t be surprise to also see iLife to be updated together with Mac OS as iLife haven’t receive any updates for almost 2 years. It will be a very cool update I suppose else we won’t have to wait for 2 years for it!

So Stay tuned for more information on the Apple Back to the Mac Event, and we will be blogging about it!

Apple make comparing Macs easier with their new HTML 5 Interface

Apple came out with a new HTML Interface that help you compare macs when you have problem buying your next Mac!

I’m sure lots of people have problem deciding on which Mac to buy, whether to buy Macbook Pro or iMac or should you buy Mac Mini instead since you already have a external LCD Monitor. Those are the common questions, but some users want to know how much electricity iMac uses, or how fast is iMac compare to Mac mini and Macbook Pro.

Apple have launch this Mac Compare Page, where you can compare up to 3 Macs side by Side, and you will be able to compare Hardware, Software, Technical Specification and even Environment Status Report.


You might be interested how to get to this Compare Macs page? I’m surprise there is no direct link to Compare Macs main page of Apple Store, you have to select on any Macs, be it iMac or Macbook Pro. Then you will be able to see Compare Macs on the top bar of the site(as seen below)

So next time you want to buy Mac, try this function, it might help you decide which mac to buy faster and easier!

Mac Mini Refresh – New Design, Faster Graphics HDMI Port!

Apple Mac Mini got refresh again! Now with very cool new design, faster graphics and the most waited feature – HDMI output port!

I don’t know why, but Apple kind of got interested in their Mac Mini recently, after 2 refresh in a year, Apple refresh their Mac Mini again… Now with the brand new design, Mac Mini is also Aluminum unibody like the rest of the family.  They even make a “hole” at the bottom of Mac Mini for easy upgrade of RAM.

But what makes the New Mac Mini most interesting? HDMI Port! Now you can easily plug in your HDMI cable from your Mac Mini to your Full HD TV and start streaming/playing videos!

Here’s a summary of the updated items:

– 2.4GHz or 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
– 1.4″ thick Unibody enclosure
– NVIDIA GeForce 320M Graphics Card
– Built-in Power Supply
– HDMI port and Mini DisplayPort
– Removable bottom panel

Check out more details at Apple Website

Mac Mini Refresh With HDMI Coming During WWDC 2010?

HDMI Port rumored to be replacing the old DVI port on Mac Mini? This rumor has been spreading for quite a while, but are we really seeing that this time? There are sources claiming recent shortages of Mac Mini, which is the usual practice for Apple to lower down production for products that will be refresh soon.

Other than HDMI Port, it is also rumored that NVIDIA MCP89 chipset will also replace the existing ones. Which HDMI and better graphics coming, I’m sure it will be one of the best Media Center Device in the Market. Let’s stay tuned and see if a refresh that we want will really come at WWDC 2010!