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Multiple users account on your iPad with this hack [Video]

iPad is not a laptop/desktop replacement, but alot of iPad users are really using their main machine lesser and lesser. Of course it is due to the snappy iPad, fun Apps and it is just so simple.

Family iPad? How to manage?

I recently bought my mom an iPad 2, and she is loving it. Not only loving it, but she is already a gamer! So one of the issues in iPad is that although it is kind of a family iPad, thus everyone is sharing it. But it doesn’t not have any account to differentiate the users.

iUsers – Ability to add users to iPad!

For example, I like to read on flipboard, iBooks, tweet and check my emails. But my mom do light gaming, Facebook and watch video. So one of the problem is I can’t customize the home screen according to my liking.  Not anymore. Pedro just release a new cydia hack for jailbroken iPad users – iUsers. You can now have users account on your iPad just like any Mac or PC.

Pretty cool yeah? Do check out the demo video below and let me know what you think about it?

G-Form Extreme Sleeve for Laptop protects Macbook Pro from 20ft drop!

Remember G-Form? They are the guys who built the G-Form iPad sleeve that protects your iPad from a 3ft bowling ball drop on it. Now they also came out with this Laptop Sleeve which protected Macbook Pro 13 inch from a 20feet drop from the balcony!

Pretty impressive har? It not only protect the Macbook Pro from scratch, it also have shock-protection, thus dropping it from a second level balcony cause no harm to it.

Check out the demo video below:

Apple laptop is the best

PC World have published results for its annual reliability survey, gathering reports from over 79,000 users to access how happy and reliable for their beloved laptops brands. Once again, Apple is top in ranks in most of the categories. Quote from PC World: “Apple once again smoked the competition”.

Apple once again smoked the competition in the desktop, notebook, and smartphone categories, winning high praise from customers in all reliability and service categories. The Macintosh and iPhone maker did so well that virtually all its scores were above average. Apple’s only average scores were related to the company’s deftness at replacing failed notebook components, and in two areas pertaining to serious problems with the iPhone, the latter perhaps stemming from the iPhone 4’s well-publicized antenna issue that resulted in dropped calls for some users

Apple did very well in “Problem on Arrival”, “Any significant problem”, “Any core component problem”, “Overall satisfaction”, “Phone on Hold”, “Problem was never resolved” and “Service Experience”! It is 7 out of 8 of them! The only one that Apple did not as well is “Any failed component replaced” category.

I’m sure I am one of the happy customer of Apple as I have been loving my 13″ Macbook Pro for almost 2 years. The built was great and solid, fast and no problem at all, and many thanks to Snow Leopard for the speedy OS. I’m sure Apple’s customer service is still going to be the best around for many years to come. Cheers to Apple!