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Amazon Kindle Fire, $199 7-inch iPad killer

Kindle Fire

Amazon today have announced that they will be launching a new Amazon Kindle call Kindle Fire. It is a 7-inch colored tablet and will cost just $199! Amazon is very smart at their pricing for Kindle Fire, they knew they can’t fight Apple’s iPad at $499 or even $399 market. With the price range $199, it will kill alot of other Android Tablets in the market.

How Amazon bring down the Price Point?

Of course, how Amazon manage to bring their tablet down to just $199 price point? Remove. Amazon’s Kindle Fire don’t have camera, no microphones and will be Wifi only. Although it is a multi-touch color tablet, but it will only take 2 finger touch at once. No demo of the tablet yet, but one cool deal is Amazon Prime 60-days free trial comes with every Kindle Fire! They are really pushing their Prime Serve which cost $79 per year, with free 2 days shipping of any product in Amazon.

So will Kindle Fire be the real iPad killer? Maybe, with the strong backing of Amazon App Store, Streaming contents and cheap price point.


Amazon Kindle Attack Apple iPad in their new Ad!

Amazon’s Kindle have a new Ad, and iPad is actually featured in it, but it is mocking Apple’s iPad glossy screen. In the ad, there is a lady in bikini reading ebooks with her kindle and beside her is a guy in shirt, struggling to read under the bright sunlight beside the pool.

Guy ask the lady why she can read under this kind of condition, the lady reply she is reading on e-ink kindle and she paid more for her sun-glasses than the kindle. This ad remind me of Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ Get a Mac ads series where they mocked all the issues Windows and PCs have.

Check out the Amazon’s New Kindle Ad: