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What’s Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive Secret? They have just be named Smartest CEO & Designer

Fortune has chosen the top 50 Smartest CEO, Designers, Analysts, Founders, Engineers, Academics, Hybrids, Investors, Scientists and Executives. Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, has been chosen for the top Smartest CEO and Jonny Ive, Apple’s Senior VP of Industrial Design was appointed the Smartest Designer.

So what’s their Secret of achieving that?! I think I know why….

This might be their secret behind all the success they have gotten for the past 10 years… Jonathan Ive has been wearing the same type of shirt for the past 10 years. This is exactly like what his Boss( Steve Jobs) is doing, wearing the same shirt, pants and shoes.

So what?

Although it looks like a joke, but think carefully, it is a mindset that you have to achieve, by wearing the same shirt same design for the past few years. Why? Because you want consistency, easy, simple, clean and people will have a lasting impression! This is exactly what Apple is about, to be simple, easy to use and consistency throughout their product line. They both are perfectionist and are doing their best for the company. So that might be their secret of achieving what they have now. At least from my point of view…