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Siri can’t really handle broken English or Asian Accents [Video]

Siri is still a beta software

We have seen Scott Forstall demo-ed iPhone 4S’s Siri, it works very very well. I have recently blogged about Siri works like a charm in real life usage, but no. Siri is beta for some reasons, Siri can’t really handle accents especially Asian Accents, like Japanese or Chinese I suppose.

So I assume, Siri will be out of beta only when Apple believe it can handle the speech from anyone in the world. It will be a tough process, but I have alot of confidence on Apple on achieving it. Siri’s voice recognition now is already one of the best in the world. Give them some time. I

For the below demo video, we are looking at a Japanese guy trying out Siri with English, apperantly Siri have issue figuring out what he is trying to say. It is quite funny, I think the guy is quite mad over Siri, do check out the video:

iOS 5 will send out early earthquake notification to iPhone users in Japan

iOS 5 with Earthquake notification

We geeks love Technology, but nothing beats saving people’s life via Technology. In Future, Japanese iPhone users using iOS 5 will be able to receive early earthquakes notification! This will not only allow them to have more time to prepare for the natural diaster, it can also help warn people nearby. This kind of technologies really warms my heart.

Japan has the most advanced earthquake early-warning system in the world. A nationwide online system launched in 2007, it detects tremors, calculates an earthquake’s epicenter and sends out brief warnings from its 1,000-plus seismographs scattered throughout the country, one of the most earthquake-prone nations on the planet.

Apple helping Japan

I’m totally impressed with what Apple is doing to help Japan who was hammered by natural disasters in recent months. They have not only open Apple Store in Japan during diaster period to help charge iPhone/iPad and Macs, they even offer free water damaged iDevices due to Tsunami. Good Job Apple, keep it up!

Apple repairs damaged devices in Japan Disasters for free!

Remember when Japan was hit with Tsunami, Apple Japan changed their main page to dedicate to the victims and did not display their newly launched iPad 2. Later on they help raise funds through iTunes for Red Cross, let victims charge their iPads and iPhones in the store and even let them surf web with their WiFi and even their Macs in stores.

Lots of respect to Apple Japan in organizing so much for the victims of Japan Disasters, and no they did not stop. Now they are offering free repairs to damaged devices from Apple at no cost for all victims of the Tsunami. Honestly this news touched my heart and I love them even more for the effort that they put in.

CAPCOM reduced Street Fighter IV on IPad and iPhone to $0.99 and donate profit to Japan

Capcom is trying to help tsunami’s victims by reducing their Street Fighter IV App on iPad and iPhone to just $0.99 and they will be donating all profits to Japan’s Tsunami Victims. Cheers to them and hope more will join them in helping Japan and the rest who are affected by the Earthquakes and Tsunami.

So don’t wait anymore, do your part. Help out by buying Street Fighter App, or you can also donate via iTunes who are supporting Japan too

Apple supporting Red Cross through iTunes for Japan relief funds

Apple is now supporting Red Cross through iTunes for Japan Relief Funds! Now iTunes users can actually do donations from iTunes and donations comes in $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 increments. Please note that 100% of the donations will go to Red Cross in Japan, so do donate, Click here to go to the iTunes Donation Page.

Cheers to Apple for supporting the effort so much that they even pull out their iPad 2 ads space on Website, and put up supporting statements that translate to :

To those who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami, we send sympathies from our heart. In this deep sadness, we are praying for the victims and their families.

Apple really did what they can do for the support for Japan’s relief efforts. Thanks Apple, Be strong people in Japan!

25 iPads to Wow the design show in Japan

iProject25 inspired by art of DJing, creator use 25 iPads, sync them up to form a prefect picture and music. What is cool is that audience can touch, drag, pinch the iPads to slow down the animation, dim the screen or flick the screen. By doing this, it will also make the music and video out of sync, so what audience got to do.. is to try to sync back the screen so the music and picture will sync back.

Picture means a thousands words, but a video can show you the whole picture, so check out the 2 video below:

To further explain how the 25 iPads can sync up, check out the below video where the creators explains how it works:

Cool right? For more info check it out at tokyotek.

Tactile D-Pad for iPhone and iPad

One main issue with iPhone and iPad gaming is that the lack of physical buttons, so playing games that requires D-Pads or pushing of buttons is weird as most iPhone/iPad games now uses virtual D-Pads and buttons. It makes the games harder to play as the buttons and virtual d-pad are not as ease to use, especially when you need to look at the d-pad to make the move rather than the screen play itself.

Japan as always come out with very creative stuff, now they have come out with this Stick-on Tactile D-Pad and Buttons for iPhone and iPad! You can now stick them onto your iPhone/iPad screen so you can have a “Physical” buttons and D-Pad, and you can enjoy your gaming on iPhone or iPad even more! You can buy the stick on buttons from Japan at around 630yen which is around USD$7.80 or around Singapore Dollar $10.

We have no idea how many times you can pull out and stick back the stick on buttons, mostly they can last for at least a few stick-on else, it will be $10 per game, which is totally not worth it.

Japan Doctor use iPad in their surgery just 1 week after launch

This is crazy! How fast Japanese can adapt to new technology and incorporate it to their daily life… Just 1 week after iPad launch in Japan, we have seen how magician started using their iPad as their tool in shows, but using it as a tool to aid doctors in their surgery?! This is amazing, how much confidence they have in the product and how much effort they put into testing.

According to the interviewed doctor, everything in the surgery went smoothly, with the aid of the device, they can better see the inside of the patient, by just pinching and zooming. Apparently, iPad is the newest and greatest addition to the surgical room.

Check out the video of how the doctor use iPad to aid in surgery(please note that the video might make you feel alittle unwell, as any surgical video will):

iPad Craze in Japan Launch[Video]

Yesterday we posted on how international launch for iPad is so successful, today we have gotten video from Japan. There are over 1200 outside of Apple Store 8 hours before the iPad launch and all are so excited that they are finally getting theirs. Although reports found out that 25% of iPad traffic is already from outside of US even before the international launch!

Check out the video from Japan, it is as big as US launch: