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iWork on iCloud, able to download as varies format and edit on iWork or Office [Video]

iWork on iCloud

If you have read our previous on iCloud now on Beta, you would have know that Apple have launch iCloud into its beta state. All developers are now able to try out, not just with’s Web Apps, but also from iOS 5.

This is huge, as now iOS devices, Macs and Web are almost integrated tightly. This is not Apple’s first implementation of it. Previously they had came out with MobileMe. Of course, wasn’t too successful, but with iPhone and iPad’s popularity, the demand for cloud syncing are growing too. Thus I feel that Apple have put in a lot of effort in making this cloud storage and sync as useful and as fast as possible.

Sync-ing from iOS iWork to iCloud is pretty fast!

Video below shows that iWork documents are sync into iCloud in just seconds after creation, and it is constantly pulling the changes up into the cloud. So you virtually don’t need to save and will have a copy of your document pulled from iPhone/iPad to iCloud. This is pretty neat.

I can imagine a use case like I was working on my document on my Macbook Pro, but I need to rush off to work. I don’t need to save a copy of the document and send it to my email, so I can download it from my iPad. I can just access iWork app on my iPad and will have exact same copy of the document while I’m commuting to work.

Check out the video below for a demo of iWork on iCloud:

iCloud Web App on Beta now! [Video] now on Beta!

Apple announced a new cloud service – iCloud, which will allow iOS and Mac users to be able to share, sync and upload files to This service will not be just a cloud storage service like dropbox or But it will be integrated down to OS level on iOS devices to ensure a smooth syncing experience.

But Apple did not stop there, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Find my iPhone and iWorks will have their own respective Web Apps. I have just tried some of them for awhile, and man I tell you it is very cool. Honestly, I am not able to tell this is web app, it feels and looks just like iPad Apps. I am really amazed by how Apple developed their web app. Don’t believe? Check out this video below:

via [MacRyu]

iWork coming to iPhone and iPod Touches?

It is rumored that iWork is coming to iPhone and iPod Touch, it might not be the most interesting news in the world. But it is definitely a good news that we might have the option to edit the iWork document even on the go when we thought of something that we want to change. It is a really good to have App in our mobile computer device – iPhone.

iWork Suit is coming to iPhone?

Apple rarely make mistake, but it seems like they are either careless this time or they just want to leak it out to everyone. In one of the recent Apple iPhone Mail Photo, this above photo was found having the option to export to keynote, which is one of the 3 Apps in the recent iPad iWork Suite.

If this iWorks is coming, I’m sure it will be selling like hot-cakes as iPhone is the only device we always carry around, quick edit of documents or keynote before we send off as attachment is sweet. [Engadget]