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7 Inch iPad coming by Christmas?

Lots of Rumors on 7 Inch iPad coming us by Christmas, IDG News translated a new Economics Daily News Report claiming that a new 7 inch iPad will be launched by Christmas this year!

The Economic Daily reports that Taiwanese companies have won a number of component contracts for the iPad 2. Chimei Innolux will supply 7-inch LCD screens, which use the same IPS (in-plane switching) technology found in the original iPad, which improves viewing angles and color on LCD screens. Touchscreen technology for the screens will come from Cando Corporation, the report says.

Honestly, the only 2 reason why I think 7 inch might be better than the original 9.7 inch that it will be lighter and less expensive. One issue on iPad is weight, many complains that holding an iPad for prolong period really is quite tiring… So a smaller screen might reduce it’s weight.

Price is another huge issue, with kindle dropping its price, Apple need to lower its price to fight for low end market, thus smaller screen might be reducing the price significantly as iPad’s Screen is still one of the most expensive component.

Apple iPhone 4G Leak Photo?

iphone_4g_sim_tray1540x343_thumb Gizmodo reports that chinese part suppliers China OnTrade is offering “Apple iPhone 4  Generation Midboard”

China Ontrade is also the source that leak out new Apple iPhone 3GS photos before the  June launch.

China onTrade also provide “Apple iTablet iPhone 4 Generation SIM Tray”.

Believe or not is up to you, but I am sure everyone hope to see a iPhone refresh soon  (With a better and more impressive refresh)!