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iMessage – New messaging for iOS

New Messaging system – iMessage

iMessage is a new messaging system that Apple will be adding to iOS 5. Now message will now go through as data, so you can send not only text, photos, video, contacts and even group messages. iMessage will not only be on iPhone, it will also be on iPad and iPod Touch.

This is pretty cool, because we never had any messaging system on iPad or iPod Touch. Now we can actually use iPad as a messaging system, but we ain’t not sure is it tied to email address or iTunes account.

All iOS devices will sync up

But what we know is that all devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch can be sync up with the same message if you tie them to the same account.

iTunes 10.2.2 released by Apple!

Apple released iTunes 10.2.2 today!

This version of iTunes contains some very good bugs fixes which you might be interested, especially if you own an iPad. Fixes includes:

• Addresses an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive when syncing an iPad.
• Resolves an issue which may cause syncing photos with iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to take longer than necessary.
• Fixes a problem where video previews on the iTunes Store may skip while playing.
• Addresses other issues that improve stability and performance.

iTunes 10.2 came with several new features and improvements, including:

• Sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.3.

• Improved Home Sharing. Browse and play from your iTunes libraries with Home Sharing on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 4.3.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

Please update your iTunes, or just download iTunes here.


Adobe Flash Video viewable on iOS, Android and even Internet TVs

Built on Flash Media Server, you will soon be able to watch flash videos on iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch which do not and will not support Flash. Mobile platform like Android and Internet TVs support Flash Video playing now, but the performance is not too good, and it drains battery from mobile devices.

Using HTTP Dynamic Streaming Technology, video streams will be readable and playable by mobile devices and performance will be better and automatically change the bit rate of video depending network speed.

iOS 4.3 is out now! Faster Safari, Personal Hot Spot and Home Sharing!

Apple have released iOS 4.3, those who have yet to update, be sure to update!


  • Because you will be getting much faster Safari meaning faster web browsing…
  • Personal Hot Spot which you can broadcast a Wifi network that devices like your Macbook and laptops can connect to.
  • Home Sharing, where you can listen or watch songs or movies directly from your iTunes on your Mac or PC that is in the same network. This is very cool as you won’t need to sync your music to listen to it!

You can update directly from iTunes or you can download iOS 4.3 from the below links:

Enjoy iOS 4.3!

    Is iPhone 5 getting Aluminum backing?

    Is Apple iPhone 5 going to get an Aluminum Backing?

    Aluminum Backing for iPhone 5?

    This mock up looks like iPhone 3GS with Aluminum backing? So will iPhone’s design go back to iPhone 3GS-like? To be honest, I don’t think so, at least not for iPhone 5. I don’t think Apple will change their design so soon, but who knows? iPad 2 have a changed in design although iPad is only out for 1 year.

    Why Apple might not go back to Glass backing like iPhone 4?

    1. Remember our legendary White iPhone 4? Due to the white backing, iPhone 4 have light leaks and flash issue
    2. Glassgate – some iPhone 4 users dropped their phone and cracked the backing as the back of iPhone 4 is not as strong as the screen. Results shows that iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are more durable than iPhone 4
    3. Unified Looks for all Apple Product – Apple Macbook Pro, iPads and iPod Touch all have aluminum backing or full-body, thus it will be a more unified look for iPhone to have it too?

    No one knows for sure what we will be getting for iPhone 5, so let’s wait and see!

    Hate iPhone’s Notification? Try MobileNotifier [Video]

    I hate iOS notification!

    If you hate the way iPhone and iOS handle notification, you might wanna try out MobileNotifier! Many iPhone users don’t really like how iOS handle its notification, it will normally stop what you are doing, and take over the whole screen… Which is quite irritating, if you someone who have alot of Facebook Notification and SMS, and if you are playing game it is even worse… The game will virtually be a 5 seconds per pause game.

    MobileNotifier a new way of Notification on iOS

    Peter Hajas, created a version of how he thinks iOS notification should be handled. Of course only Jailbroken iPhones can enjoy the notification, and it is FREE! Add this repo: in Cydia and download MobileNotifier and enjoy it.

    To know what MobileNotifier does, check out his demo video below:

    Macbook Pro 2011 Specification Leaked!

    Fscklog posted a image of what we think might be the Macbook Pro 2011 13 Inch Model Specification! Seems like it will be a usual refresh with some new technology as predicted in our previous blog post! Below are the details:

    • 2.3 GHZ Sandy Bridge Dual Core Intel Core i5 Processor with 3MB L3 Cache
    • 4GB of RAM
    • 320GB Hard disk (disappointed that is no SSD, but it should be available as an add on option)
    • 13.3-inch LED backlit display with a 1280×800 pixel resolution.
    • Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384MB RAM
    • FaceTime HD Camera
    • 8X Superdrive
    • Thunderbolt (Which we suspect should be Light Peak Technology which Apple has been working on for quite some time)
    • SDXC SD Card Slot which seems to be able to support up to 2TB of Storage

    We have gotten some of the main upgrades correct in our previous Macbook Pro 2011 Predication, but we didn’t expect Light Peak or Thunderbolt to be out so soon and the new SDXC SD Card slot which supports card storage up to 2TB. This 2 were out of our exceptions, but I’m pretty disappointed we ain’t getting any SSD as a standard package for the 13 inch model. Although we have no idea if 15 or 17 inch MBP will be getting SSD as its standard setup.

    We have seen in Macbook Air that SSD really boost the notebook performance even from a low powered processor in the MBA. Really hope it will be included.

    Although we can’t be sure that Thunderbolt is Light Peak, but it seems to be as seen in the picture above. Light Peak are a high speed IO technology which can transfer data at a very high speed of 1-10Gbps! Very cool technology but I’m sure it will take some time to gain popularity.

    Another interesting technology is FaceTime HD which means that Macbook Pro users can now FaceTime at HD quality to fellow iPhone and iPod Touch and the future iPad 2.

    Stay Tuned with us for more Macbook Pro 2011 details!

    iOS 4.3 is coming to us by Feb 28th?

    iOS 4.3 has been rumored to be available to all by Feb 14th, but it did not. The newest rumored date is 28.02.2011, because of the trial end date on The Daily App. Yes, it is not really relevant, but it is a date we can look forward to.

    What are we getting on iOS 4.3?

    Of course the top most interesting feature we will be getting on iOS 4.3 is the Wireless Mobile HotSpot! Meaning you can broadcast a wireless hotspot with your iPhone or iPad to any other device like your Macbook or iPod Touch. It will be very useful with you don’t have your iPhone cable with you, but you need your iPod Touch to access the web without Wifi in the area.

    Please note that if you are holding a Verizon phone, you will experience your hotspot to lose connective if there are incoming calls.

    Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 with GreenPois0n now!

    Finally untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 is out with GreenPois0n!! You jailbroken iPhones and iPad can finally be rebooted!

    Follow the steps below to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch  or Apple TV with GreenP0si0n RC5!

    Before you start: Please note that unlock of iPhone is not out yet, if you require your iPhone to be unlock, DO NOT try this yet. For iPhone users in countries like Singapore, no worries, jailbreak it!

    Step 1: Download GreenPois0n (GreenPois0n Mac OS X Mirror) and iOS 4.2.1 ->

    Direct Download Links for iOS 4.2.1

    Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and click on “Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)”

    Step 3: Procedure with the usual DFU steps ->

    • Press and hold sleep button for 3 seconds
    • Continue holding the sleep button, and press and hold on Home button for 10 seconds
    • Released your Sleep button but continue holding your Home Button for 15 seconds

    Step 4: GreenPosi0n will take charge and jailbreak your iOS devices, wait for the process to finish.

    Step 5: Once it is done, go to Loader icon in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to install Cydia, and you are done with it!

    Enjoy your Jailbroken iOS with 4.2.1!

    Lonely Planet US Travel Guides for iPhone/iPad FREE for 2 Days!

    From now till 4th February 2011  9pm ET, Lonely Planet is giving out free US Travel Guides for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad for FREE!

    In each guide, there are offline maps for tourists who might not have data connections in foreign land, location-based navigation, galleries and point of interests which you might be interested in visiting.

    It is a price drop from US$6 to Free, so don’t wait, be sure to get your copy of Lonely Planet US Guides for free now.


    Las Vegas Guide – Lonely Planet Free in App Store now!

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