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Travel Interpreter and Language Coach iPhone App that solve your language issues

Travel Interpreter iPhone App

Language has been a issue for many many years, especially when you travel. Now you can have a pocket language help in your iPhone, Travel Interpreter & Language Coach! Travel Interpreter is an iPhone App that actually stores important and useful phases that you will use in everyday life in 22 different languages!

Languages included: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish. Quite a good spread of languages that you can bring around…

For example, you selected Korean, you will see a list of topics that you can choose, like basic where you will be covered with words like “thank you” and “hello”. You can also find topics related to the location you are in, or things you want to do like “Hotel”, or “Local Transport” topics where you can quickly zoom down to phases related to it.

You only are limited to topics, you can also search words or phases are you looking for, example “water” if you need water in Korean, it will quickly display results which are related to water.

Select the phase that you are looking for and you will be able to hear how is the phase said out in korean, and if you are not comfortable speaking it, you can also show the phase to the person as there are korean writing of the phase.

There is another interesting feature on Travel Interpreter that I like, which is output language changes. By clicking the globe button to the top right of the screen you see on top, you will be able to select any of the 22 languages interpretion that you have searched.

Imagine you have searched on “There is no hot water” in Korean and show it to the porter of the hotel, he can’t understand it well as he is a Chinese, you can quickly click on the globe and select Chinese translation, and it will read aloud the phase in chinese instantly. Quite a handy feature when you are in situation like this.

Check out the youtube video below on a demo of the app:

Check out the iPhone App Travel Interpreter in iTunes Store for $9.99!

Language Coach iPhone App

If you are interested in learning language you can go for the Language Coach iPhone App, which focus more on learning the language rather than doing translations/interpretation.

Overall the look and free and the layout feels almost the same, but in topics there are no search bar for you to search for phases or words. But what is new in Language Coach is that it is organized in a lesson format

At the end of the screen, there’s a ‘Exercises for your chosen topic’ button, where you can select the “level of advancement” of your language proficiency. There are levels of difficulties, where you can have picture-aid or just phases in the language.

Download Language Coach iPhone App in iTunes here at $9.99!


Overall, I feel that this 2 apps are really quite nice to have, I have revised my Japanese with this, and I have learnt abit of Korean and Spanish. Features that I like are 22 supported languages, the apps read aloud to me, and I can change the language anytime in the interpreter.

But I feel that both the apps are abit pricy, if the price can be lower down, this 2 apps are definitely must download for people who travel around the world and people who wants to learn basic foreign languages!

FireFox Home iPhone App “Remote” To Your Desktop Firefox Session

Mozilla is bringing something new to us, allowing iPhone Users to be able to access your desktop’s FireFox session, tabs, bookmarks and browsing history! No, it is not a browser, it is FireFox Home App, which allow you to access virtually your whole FireFox browser’s informations and tabs.

What’s more, it provides Firefox “Awesome Bar” capability that enables people to get to their favorite web sites with minimal typing.

Check out the video for a quick demo of it, and stay tuned for more information on launch date!

One and only iPhone App that help you save money

So what is this iPhone App about? It is bring Chinese Tradition of buying Hell Money to the dead to iPhone. So how does it help you save money?

You just have to buy the App at USD$0.99 once, and you can wire Hell Bank money to the deads! How cool is it?

PS: This is just a fun App, don’t treat it too seriously ok?

Square iPhone Payment System demo by Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose from introducing a brand new innovitve payment system built on top of iPhone as a iPhone App.

Square, you can bring it around with you, as a mobile credit card machine, where you can bill customer on the go, everywhere you go.

  • Just plug in the square device into your headphone jack.
  • Tap in the amount billable
  • Swap the card
  • Authorize and BILL!

How cool is it?! Check out details @