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Steve Jobs thoughts on Gizmodo iPhone Incident

Steve Jobs attended the AllthingsD Conference, and commented on his thoughts regarding the Gizmodo iPhone incident that happened just last month. Gizmodo got hold of the iPhone Next Generation that one of Apple’s employee lost in a bar during his birthday party. Police was alerted and Jason Chen’s stuff was took away for investigation due to this incident.

Steve Jobs now tell us his thoughts of this incident and how it will not change how Apple work even after this incident. Check out his video from AllthingsD:

iPhone HD/4G Clone out in Market even before Official Launch

Sometimes you just need to be impressed by how fast China Clones can be produce so fast, and you also need to be impress how successful is Apple. Even before the Official announcement or launch of iPhone 4G/HD, China already clone out a iPhone 4G/HD and will be selling out in their market.

How do you know your product is successful? When company make clone/lookalike of your product, Apple is so successful that clones are in market even before releasing the product! Haha!

This China iPhone knock-off is called GPS iPhone, and it looks pretty close to the leaked photos we saw from Gizmodo and Vietnam, except for the long TV Antenna. So before you think it is the leaked iPhone, look twice before buying! [CultofMac]

White iPhone HD/4G is definitely coming with new leaked photos

PowerbookMedic a Mac Repair shops received photos parts of next generation iPhone, and the one shown is the Full white body iPhone which has been rumored and we are very sure it is coming! Although they don’t look like final model of cases as the serial numbers are dummy numbers rather than real serials numbers that we have seen on the back of our iPhones.

We can be quite sure White iPhone is definitely coming to us and hopefully be announced during next week’s WWDC!

White iPhone HD/4G on Video

Remember the White iPhone HD/4G leaked photos? Now they have it on Video! Although the Video is not really impressive, they did not on nor turn the phone in anywhere, just hold it, zoom in and that’s all. Hopefully we will be seeing white iPhone as I’m sure lots of girls will be interested in buying a full-white body iPhone.

Video Conference coming to iPhone HD 4G

More evidence showing us that Next Generation iPhone will have Video Chat or Video Conferencing! It is quite exciting as lots of users wish to have this feature on iPhone especially when Skype and IM nowadays have video chat functions. This further confirmed that the front facing camera that we have seen in leaked iPhone is going to support video chat!

iPhone HD 4G Leaked Photos both in Black and White!

Is this the new Apple’s marketing strategy? I remember Apple is one of the most secretive company in the world, protecting their new innovations until the very last minute before the announcement of the product. But recently we have seen lots and lots of leaks from Apple, from iPhone to Macbooks. What is really going on? Although we still can’t confirm if the leaked photos are really what we will be seeing from Apple. But we will know it very soon, in 2 weeks time during WWDC!

Nevertheless, the leaked photos looks very close to production standard, make us wonder if this photos are taken at the production line, if it is, then this will definitely be what we will be buying!

iPhone HD 4G in White

Apple fans are very creative, they have rendered White iPhone HD/4G even before anyone has confirm there is a full White body for next generation iPhone. This is all driven by the rumored leak photos from yesterday’s post.

ispazio rendered a set of very cool realistic 3D picture of iPhone HD with full white body.

How do you like the new Full White body iPhone? It looks very cool, but personally I prefer the black ones. Leave a comment and tell us, if you like the full white or just white for the back like 3G or 3GS

Next Gen iPhone (HD/4G) coming with white front panel?

For the past few generation of iPhone, even if the backing is white, the front panel are always black. But for the next generation iPhone, it might be different! Leak photos are seen that new gen iPhone do come with new front panel rather than only black!

The front panel match closely to the leaked iPhone from Gizmodo and the one filmed in Vietnam, so it seems to be quite true that we are going to see “fully” white iPhone in time to come…

iPhone HD 4G Ads – Just for fun

No, iPhone HD or iPhone 4G has yet to be launch, not even officially announced by Apple. But Apple’s next generation iPhone already have its own Ads! What more, it even makes coffee!

Check out the fan-made ads:

New leaks of iPhone next gen reveals A4 Processor & 256 RAM

Remember the lost iPhone next generation that Gizmodo bought? No hard specific hardwares were found, Gizmodo don’t even know what chip and how much ram and flash drive will it here.

Guys from Vietnam did it again, not only they got the facts, they also got the phone on their hands.

It reveals the marking APL0398, which is also on the A4 processor found inside the iPad. The rest of the markings — 339S0084, K4X2G643GE, and YN6024Z3 — are different, but the system-on-a-chip does include an Apple logo. It also shows 256 system RAM from Samsung.

Check out the video and also some of the photos captured by Taoviet.