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JailbreakMe 2.0 Jailbreaks iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G and iPad

Now you can jailbreak your iPhone without downloading anything or do anything to it, Simply go to a webpage and your iPhone can be jailbroken! Thanks to Comex, now jailbreaking of iPhone is now online.

Jailbreakme 2.0 supports iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G running iOS 4.0 or iOS 4.0.1. It also supports iPad running iOS 3.2 or iOS 3.2.1

Steps to Jailbreak your iPhone:

  1. Backup and sync your iPhone to your iTunes.
  2. Go to or (Please note that the server is under huge traffic now)
  3. You will be prompt to “Slide to Jailbreak”
  4. Slide your iPhone
  5. You be prompt that you are downloading files
  6. You will then be shown a jailbreaking screen
  7. Last cydia will be installed on your iPhone. No restart is required, but it is recommended.

Enjoy your Jailbroken iPhone!

iPhone 4 SingTel Launch Event 30th July [Video]

iPhone 4 is finally launched internationally and in Singapore! I have attended one of the 3 Carriers in Singapore’s Launch Event and it is quite cool.

SingTel only accept pre-orders/appointments from people who are interested in purchasing iPhone 4. So queues are better managed and only people who have appointments are allowed in the Marina Bay Sands Event Hall.

Here’s a short clip of the launch Event:

Apple posted Droid X and Nokia N97 Mini Antenna Issues

Apple is indeed dragging everyone into the smartphone antenna hell! During Apple’s iPhone 4 Press Conference Event, Steve Jobs showed us video on how other smartphone on market now all have similar antenna issues like iPhone 4 did, they further pushed it by posting Droid X and Nokia N97 Mini video too.

Why Apple do this?

I kind of understand why Apple want to do it, imagine if you are the kid that was blamed on not passing the exam, and was punished by the world school, but the whole class did not pass the exam too, won’t you want to drag them in too? I know it is not the best example, but it is kind of what Apple is doing. But have you all realise something? No one in the world cares about how poorly Nokia, Motorola or HTC antenna did, Apple iPhone is already dominating everyone’s mind that it is only Smartphone that people care, whether how good or how bad.

Check out the Video posted by Apple:

Nokia N97 Mini:

Motorola Droid X

How to DIY Steadicam for iPhone 4 [Video]

iPhone 4 have the best 720p video quality and picture quality in the smartphone market. We have also seen lots of very cool HD videos shot all by iPhone 4 and edited in iPhone 4. But one of the main issue for iPhone 4 is that its form factor is a phone, holding it can’t be as stable as we wish for, so if we can build a steadicam for it!

Check out the video below to see how you can DIY your Steadicam for iPhone 4:

Apple starts Refunding those who bought Bumper Case

Apple has start issuing the $30 Bumper Case refunds to iPhone 4 Customers who have bought it before the announcement of Apple giving out Free Bumper Case during the iPhone 4 Press Conference.

Customers who have bought the case with their credit card, the refunds will be automatic, no action is needed.

For future customers, Apple will give out free Bumper/3rd Party Case with the purchase of any model of iPhone 4.

This is how China Media look at Apple and Steve Jobs?

I have to admit it is funny. I’m Sorry if you don’t understand chinese, I can’t really do a translation about it to make it as funny as it is just a video created to make him look like a joke. But honestly, we know how Steve Jobs works, and how great a CEO he is. Nevertheless, it is fun to watch stuff like this sometimes ya? Sorry Steve!

Check out the video:

iSuckit the only way to solve iPhone 4 Antenna Issue?

Apple have announced that they will be giving out free Bumper Case to all iPhone 4 owners and Future iPhone 4 owners until 30th September 2010. But it is just a short-term solutions, and I’m sure Apple is looking at a long-term solution to solve the issue. Now we can actually solve the issue with isuckit!

Ok, it is just a joke, and people around the world is making fun of iPhone 4 and Apple, nevertheless just enjoy the joke!

Video Taken by iPhone 4 with SLR Lens Attached! Pretty Sweet!

Apple iPhone 4 is the number 1 media smartphone out in the market, it has the best 5mega pixel camera, wonderful 720p HD video recording. So what will an iPhone 4 be with a SLR camera lens attached to it?! It will be wonderfully huge, ok, I’m joking. It will be wonderfully impressive piece of work, I can’t describe about it, you got to watch it. [vid-atlanic]

iPhone 4 with OWLE and EnCinema 35mm Adapter (SLR Lens) from \Vid-Atlantic Media Prod on Vimeo.

Consumer Reports Still not recommending iPhone 4 even after Apple gives out Free Case

Apple announced on iPhone 4 Press Event on 16 July that all iPhone 4 owners will be given a free iPhone 4 Bumper Case, those who have already bought one, will be fully refunded. But Consumer Reports still do not recommend iPhone 4 to consumers even though Apple is giving out free cases to owners, and cases are reportedly able to solve the antennagate issues!

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports believe that Apple giving out Free Cases is a very good first step, however this is not a permanent fix, and the free case offer and the free case offer is only until 30th of September 2010. They hope that Apple will be able to come out with the long-term fix.

iPhone 4 still the number 1 rated phone by Consumer Reports

Please note that iPhone 4 is still the number 1 rated phone by Consumer Report, but they don’t recommend iPhone 4 to consumers due to antenna issues. [Consumer Reports]