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Adobe Flash Video viewable on iOS, Android and even Internet TVs

Built on Flash Media Server, you will soon be able to watch flash videos on iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch which do not and will not support Flash. Mobile platform like Android and Internet TVs support Flash Video playing now, but the performance is not too good, and it drains battery from mobile devices.

Using HTTP Dynamic Streaming Technology, video streams will be readable and playable by mobile devices and performance will be better and automatically change the bit rate of video depending network speed.

Super Protection for your iPad with G-Form Case

I have seen many iPad cases that says it will protect your iPad from scratches and drops. But how much protection are they really promising? G-Form Case for iPad is the ultimate I would say, it can protect your iPad screen from a 8lb bowling ball dropped from 3 feets up.

If you are someone who play rough or might be bring your iPad to rough places, this might be the case for you. It is only available for pre-order now, at cost USD$59.95, more details at G-Form.

Check out the demo video from them:

Humor: iBoy – Newest creation from Apple [Video]

iBoy is the newest creation from Apple! iBoy comes in black or white, multiple language and sizes. iBoy is most suitable for family who wants an extra kid or if you feel that bring up a child is very troublesome, iBoy will be great for you as you only need to charge him everynight! Yes, iBoy is a hybrid of human boy and magical iPad.

Of course its a joke, check out the video. It is pretty funny:

April Fool joke on News Channel, tricked News Anchor into licking iPad [Video]

Will you believe if iPad can emit smell of food like burgers and cakes? Will you believe that iPad can emit taste even on the screen with an App? An April fool joke was played on a TV news Reporter where a video of the “app” was shown. The other news reporter told her amazingly it works and she was tricked and started smelling and licked the iPad!

Its very funny, check it out:

Step by Step Guide for Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 [Video]

Yes! Finally Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1 is finally out! I have just jailbroken with redsn0w! It is working very well. Check out the step by step guide on my untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3.1.

Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1 using Redsn0w 0.9.6rc9

Things you will need:

  1. Redsn0w for Mac or Windows
  2. iTunes 10.2.1 for Mac or Windows
  3. iOS 4.3.1 for iPhone 4 (GSM), iPhone 3GSiPadiPod Touch 4G and iPod Touch 3G

And you are set to go!

Important Notes: If you need to unlock your iPhone, PLEASE do not use Redsn0w. It is not for you! Please also note that iPad 2 cannot be jailbreak yet.

Step 1: Download all the needed files listed above.

Step 2: Update/Restore to iOS 4.3.1 firmware using the iOS IPSW file you have just download. (Mac: option + Restore. Windows: Shift+Restore and select the IPSW)

Step 3: After you are done with the restore/update. Open up Redsn0w which you have download

Step 4: Select the official iOS 4.3.1 IPSW and select Next

Step 5: Select Install Cydia and click on Next

Step 6: Before you click Next, make sure your iDevice is off and click on Next

Step 7: You will need to follow the instructions to make your iDevice into DFU mode. Hold on to Power Button for 3 Seconds, then while still holding on to Power Button, hold on to your Home Button for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, release your Power Button but still holding on to Home Button until the jailbreaking begins

Step 8: That’s all you need to do. Wait till the Jailbreak process completes and there you go!

Below is a full process of my jailbreaking video via RedSn0w:

Hope you enjoy the video and guide. Please follow us at twitter or facebook!

iPad 2 “We Believe” TV Ads

Apple have just released their new TV ads for iPad 2 – “We Believe”. Apple is pushing iPad to be a very personal device, which you can use for any reason in your life, like reading books, sharing pictures of your kids, surf web, watch your family video or even create a song.

iPad is really a device that let you feel that there is no device, but just content and what you want to do. Pictures, Video, web and music.

Check out the new ad from Apple for iPad 2:

Fun: Secret of Apple’s Product [Video]

Charlie and the Apple Factory

Do you want to know why Apple’s Product is so attractive and interesting?

Check out this funny video, and you will know why….

Apple’s Secret Recipe of making interesting and successful product?

Yes! I think there is also no secret that make Apple successful. It is just they want to make a product that people will love. They make it very simple, so simple that any kids that pick up iPad for the first time will know how to operate it.
Sometimes we just have to admit that Apple is really successful in what they are doing.

Top 10 Mac Countries – Singapore is in the list!

The chart above is the Top 10 Mac Countries in the world. Switzerland number 1 with close to 18% of the IT space. Mac has been seeing growth in lots of countries mainly due to iPhone and iPad popularity!

Singapore – Most Mac Users in Asia

As a Singaporean and a Mac Fan, I very proud that Singapore is in the top 10 list with 10.69%, and the only country in Asia!  Well done Singapore, I know you all love Macs and iPhone, iPad! 🙂

Are you addicted to Angry Birds? Don’t worry, Mike Tyson can help you!

Did anyone told you that you are spending too much time on Angry Birds? If so, then you are addicted to Angry Birds! So… If you want to cure your addiction, how can you go about it? Now Mike Tyson can help your cure your addiction! Haha.

Lucky Mike is not doing to the infamous Angry Bird Cake, else he will most likely regret it after that.

Check out this funny video by Mike Tyson ( Shot by Adam Ostow)

The way this Toddler use iPad is amazing! [Video]

iPad is one of the most amazing hardware invented. Why did I say that? Because I have never seen an hardware or computing device that can be so easily accepted by all ages. I mean all ages, from toddler to elders.

Take a look at the video below you will be amazed, how this toddler use his iPad. He is just 2 years old and can’t speak very well yet, but he is already using iPad like an grown adult. He can scroll through videos, draw on iPad and more!

Check out the toddler video: