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Cost of Making Apple iPad


We all know that the price for the low range iPad cost 499, highest one which 3G will cost you around USD$829. But how much does it cost for Apple to produce iPad? In this blog post, we will write about how much does it really cost Apple to produce 1 iPad

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iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 2 Released! For iPad


Apple released iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 2! Now Apple developer can get a copy of the SDK and start to develop for the iPad before it launches around May. Thus developer have around 2 months of advance developing time. It will definately ensure that iPad will launch with huge amount of Apps in the App Store waiting for new iPad owners to download!

For SDK downloads or more information go to Apple’s Developer Site

iPad with camera?


I know it has been rumored for long time that iPad will be coming with camera, it make sense for it to come with camera. Or else you can’t video chat on skype. But sources have found photos of iPad’s frame which contains holes and they seems to be exist for one thing – camera!

So who knows next generation iPad might come with Camera?


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Google’s iPad?

We have all seen what Apple’s iPad can do, how is it being use. Now Google have a concept video, which works very similarly to iPad. So is Google now competing directly with Apple?

From the looks at the concept arts, we can see the similarity of iPad and Google’s Chrome OS on tablet. The virtual keyboards, the 3D-like contextual menu and even the hardware UI. But look carefully at the last concept art, it shows something that iPad can’t do – Multi-task.