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Impressive 1 man iPad Band [Video]

We all know iPad is a multi-purpose device, not only iPad can play video, games and surf the web. When iPad 2 launch, Apple also introduced iPad 2, they also launched iMovie and GarageBand for iPad. With iPad, this 2 apps are really very impressive and useful.

Don’t believe it? Check out this George’s Video:


2 March Apple Event Summary – iPad 2, Faster, Thinner and Camera

Jobs mentioned that there are now 200 Millions Apple accounts including iTunes, App Store and iBooks Store. 100 Millions iPhone sold and 15 million iPads sold in 2010!

iPad 2

iPad 2 is armed with Apple’s new A5 Processor which is a dual Core Processor, 2 X faster CPU, 9 X faster graphics and as low powered as A4!

Thinner, Lighter and comes with White!

One of the huge improvement is the thickness! iPad was 13.4mm but iPad 2 is just 8.8mm, which is thinner than iPhone 4! I really don’t know how they did that. Although the weight did not go down by alot, just 0.2lbs lighter.

iPad 2 will come with 2 colours, White and Black and there will be no wait for the white iPad. So you will be able to get White iPad as soon as any black!

720P HD Video recording from back camera, and VGA video from front-facing camera.

iPad 2 – 10 hours battery life and ship on 11th March

Even though iPad 2 is now so much thinner, but we will still be getting the 10 hours battery life from iPad 2. No Price drops, iPad 2 will still start from USD$499 and iPad 2 will start shipping on 11th March 2011 in US. 26 more countries will get iPad 2 on 26 March 2011.

HDMI output from iPad 2

New Accessories for iPad 2, HDMI Output dongle which will allow you to output HDMI video and Apps to your TV, and you can still charge your iPad while displaying out. Very cool very cool.

Magnetic Case for iPad 2

iPad 2 will not work with the older iPad case, thus Apple will be launching a new case, which grasp by magnet and will auto-align, very hard to imagine how it works. Seeing a video or in person then we will understand better. But I don’t see any China iPad 2 cases come with that… so I think they might need to rework again…. There will be 5 colour for polyurethane case which will cost you $39 and 5 colour for leather case which will cost $69.

iOS 4.3

iOS 4.3 faster Javascript engine, Home sharing, AirPlay improvement and Preference for iPad switch. Now with iOS 4.3 you can stream your Apps or Safari to to other devices like Apple TV.

There will be a software preference to use the switch on the right of the iPad to go between volume mute and screen orientation lock. Wifi Hot Spot will also come with iOS 4.3, which we have seen in Verizon iPhone 4. Photo Booth App will be coming with iOS 4.3 too, to give you effects on the photos you take from your iDevices.

FaceTime on iPad 2

Of course, with the new iPad 2 front-facing camera, you can now FaceTIme with your friends on Mac or iPhones/iPod Touches.

iMovie App for iPad 2

iMovie will have precision editor, Multi-track audio recording, new themes, Airplay to Apple TV, Share your videos in HD and it is a universe App. Thus it is a app for both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad 2.

Sharing is quite cool in iMovie App, you can now share to Vimeo, YouTube and even FaceBook!

GarageBand for iPad 2

GarageBand App supports Touch instruments, which you can now plug in your guitar, Piano and more into your iPad 2. Guitar Amps and effects. 8 Tracks recording and mixing, 250+ loops, and music created are compatible with Mac GarageBand.

In GarageBand App, there is Grand Piano, Drums and Guitar which you can play, record. It will be just $4.99 for both iMovie and GarageBand.

Check out our new kid iPad 2 on Apple website!

Apple Back to Mac Event: iLife 11

Apple’s Back to the Mac event is live and streaming here, to give you a summary, check out the blog post of it below!

Now iPhoto supports Full Screen, Facebook Enhancement, Emailing Photo, New Slide Shows, Big Leap in Books and letterpress cards.

It looks like iPad’s Photo view, with it running full-screen.

iPhoto 11’s new Slideshow Templates and musics!

iPhoto 11 will help you create your Photo Book with ease. Not only it have new theme and full screen book creation wizard. It will even help you select photos that you have given good ratings, and organize them automatically base on location and time of capture. Of course you can also do customization to the photo books if you wants to do any changes to it.

You can create letterpress cards straight from iPhoto 11! It is just too cool!

iMovie 11 will have new Audio Editing, more powerful than what we have now. One Step Effects, People Finder, News and Sports Themes and Movie Trailer Wizard.

You will be able to create special effects on your video with just 1 step and it is really easy to create.

iMovie 11 help you create very nice movie trailer and clips by running through with you what you need to have. Not only that.. It have people finders, and filters that can help you find action, group and closeup video in your video! Which is super helpful and great to have!

GarageBand 11 adds Flex Time, Groove Matching, Guitar Amps & effects, New Piano & Guitar Lessons.

Groove Matching can help you fix your groove issues, especially when you band don’t play so well together!

Learn how to play Piano and Guitar with GarageBand!

iLife 11 will be available today for just $49 when you upgrade from your existing Mac. You will get iLife 11 free if you buy a new Mac!

Microsoft launch PC vs Mac site, and why I think Microsoft is Wrong!

Microsoft just launched a new PC vs Mac site telling users why they should choose Windows and buy a Windows PC/Laptop rather than Mac. They have categorized the reasons into 6 main groups, mainly “Having Fun”, “Simplicity”, “Working Hard”, “Sharing”, “Compatibility” and “Choice”.

Microsoft Reasons why You Should not choose a Mac

Their reasons:

  • Mac might spoil your fun, not allowing you to do things out of the box.
  • Mac take time to learn
  • Mac don’t work as well at work or school
  • Mac don’t like to share
  • Mac might not like your PC Stuff
  • Mac don’t let you choose

My Reasons why I think they are wrong:

  • Mac is full of fun, out of the box I have iTunes, one of the best media organizing app, iMovie, one of the easiest to use video editor, iPhoto, one of the best photo App. There are tons of very useful and stunning looking Apps like Safari, Final Cut, Skitch and Toast.
  • I was a new Mac user 1.5 years ago, and I took only 1 week to learn using Mac. Although I am still learning everyday, but using a Mac is completely different from Windows. You will still learn new things everyday although you might have use Mac for years.
  • Mac work very well with Office work and School work because I used it for both. During my Schooling days, most of my assignments are done on my Macbook Pro. I have Eclipse, CyberDuck, TextEdit, Evernote, OpenOffice to do my school work. I use Parallel for my Office work where it is a all Windows Environment with no issues at all.

  • Sharing is the easiest in any Mac computer compare to Windows. I can easily share Network, DVD-Drive, Harddisk, Folders, Files. There is even a dedicated Sharing area on Mac to ease your Sharing needs.(I love it)
  • Mac Love PC Stuff, I can never use Windows as easy as now, with Parallel.
  • The last point Microsoft got it quite right, Mac don’t let you choose. We are quite limited by the Processor, Hard disk, RAM, Optical Drive chosen by Apple and we don’t have much say. They are right, but for end consumers, I just hope my laptop works as simple as possible and never lag, and this is what I got from Macbook Pro. No hours of troubleshooting like my PC Days(I’m a PC users for more than 18years)

Yes, I might be biased, but I am speaking from my thoughts after using Mac for 1.5years or so.

Apple Google War into Video Editing, iMovie and Youtube Video Editor

Google once again have entered the same business with Apple, it is so hard to ignore the fact that the 2 computing giants are competing in almost every fields of business! From Phones, Tablet/Slate, Operating System, TV Devices to now iMovie for iPhone with Youtube’s Video Editor.

Youtube Video Editor can be access via browser, no installation nor programs needed. You can simply go to youtube video editor and drag and drop any video you have uploaded to your Youtube Account. In the Video Editor, you will see thumbnails of the videos in your account, and you can trim those videos with the scissors icon.

Although the YouTube Video Editor is very primitive compare to iMovie, or even iMovie for iPhone, but it is the first step for Google in the video editing business. Honestly, looking at YouTube Video Editor seriously reminds me of Window’s Movie Maker. [YouTube]

iMovie for iPhone 4

Most Mac Users will be very familiar with the Mac Application, iMovie, it is simple to use movie creator program which comes together with iLife(Which is came free with any Mac purchase). iMovie can be one of the best Home Movie Creator Program you can find in the Market, with simple effects, trim, speed up and many other functions that can easily apply to your home video.

Now you can film, edit, process your HD Home Video just from your iPhone 4! It is announced together with Apple iPhone 4 during WWDC on Monday that iMovie is coming to iPhone 4! Although it come with a cost of $4.99, but I think it will be totally worth it as the native trim and cut function are abit too limited if you wish to edit your home video.

Editing is done in a timeline view and new clips and photos can be added anywhere in the timeline. Not only that, music from the iPod library can be added, geolocation information can be used as they are recorded by the camera. Movies can be exported at 360p, 540p, or 720p.

iMovie haven’t been released by Apple, but it will be coming soon, should be release together with Apple iPhone 4, although we are not sure if they will support previous version of iPhone like iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G.