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Magic Trackpad is here! iMac and Mac Pro users no longer jealous of MacBook Pro Users

Apple Magic TrackPad

One of the most innovative thing that was included in Macbook and Macbook Pro is their Trackpad, where you can have multi-touch gestures that will do scrolling, flipping and zooming. This is something that no iMac or Mac Pro users can have, Apple released the first ever multi-touch Magic Mouse last year, but the gesture you can use are still quite limited.

Yesterday Apple released their new Apple Magic Trackpad, it is virtually taken out from Macbook Pro and reproduced into this new Apple Magic Trackpad, with bluetooth added. Now you can use the full multi-touch gestures that you normally use on Macbook Pro, swipe, pinch to zoom, scroll and more.

So who will benefit and what use will it have?

With Apple launching this Magic Trackpad, I can see users replacing it for their magic mouse or normal mouse, as anyone who have used Macbook Pro Trackpad will say that it is the best trackpad they have ever use. It can be said to be as easy to use as any mouse but can do more functions like pinch to zoom, swipe and even scroll with 2 or 3 fingers.

So who else will be interested in buying? Home Entertainment System owners! They have been looking for something like that for years!!! If your Home Entertainment System, let’s say a Mac Mini is plugged to your Television, it is not easy to use a mouse. You need to have a mouse pad or a table to do scrolling and pointing. With this Apple Magic Trackpad, you can use it on your lap and scroll and point like any other laptop you have. I believe this will be huge for Home Entertainment System users.

Apple Magic Trackpad can be buy from any Apple Store now or you can go to Apple website to purchase it.

Back to School Promotion finally back!

Back to School Promotion is finally back! Now you can get a free iPod with every purchase of iMac or Macbook/Macbook Pro!

If you wish to buy Macbook/Macbook Pro, now is the best time as they have just been refreshed, and you can get a new 8GB iPod Touch free! But if you wish to buy iMac, you can also buy, but who knows there might be a refresh of iMac during WWDC?

Check out the FAQ from Apple before buying to see if you are qualified!

5 things you need to know if you are still wondering should you switch to mac

Apple’s Mac sales has been up in recently years, mostly due to the success of iPhone. There are more and more iPhone users each day, and the numbers are still growing. It is true that iPhone has been pushing Mac’s sales, as most iPhone users have great experience using their iPhone.

But some are still wondering if they should switch to Mac, they are worried about many things when switching to mac. Here’s 5 things you need to know if you are still wondering should you switch.

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Apple’s Macbook fourth in Laptop Reliability

Apple are known for their build quality, anyone who have touched and seen Macbook Pro will feel it is nicely built. But how reliable is it?

Apple is ranked 4th in the recent released Laptop Reliability report from SquareTrade.

Yes, Apple is ranked 4th of the list, but if you look at the percentage. It is not very healthy as it means for every 5 Apple Macbook (Pro) sold by Apple, 1 will actually malfunction. But Apple have one of the better malfunction rates, thanks to their good QA. So better think twice when you are buying a Macbook, if you need to bring it out often, else iMac’s Malfunction rate will definitely be lower!

iPhone now generate most revenue for Apple

Apple first launch iPhone 3 years ago, now Apple’s iPhone generate 40% of the company’s revenue

From the chart above, we can clearly see that iPhone is now earning 40% of Apple’s revenue, and I’m sure it will still be growing. iPhone from first launch, have already sold close to 50million units. Which is superb, next in line is Mac.

With the newly launched MacBook Pro and iMacs, Mac’s sales figure will still be growing, in fact iPhone also helped to increase Macs sales.

Not to forget iPad which was just launch on April, with just 3 weeks into sales, Apple have already sold more than 500,000 iPads in US. It will sure to increase after Apple’s iPad international launch.

Squeeze reduced my total harddisk size by 20gb!

Remember Squeeze from latenitesoft? It now saved my total harddisk size by 20gb! Meaning I have 20gb more space to download stuff! How amazing!

1 month ago when MacHeist gave our Squeeze for free before its nano-bundle. I have grabbed a copy of it, and during that time i have posted how much it actually squeezed my files. It was 175mb.

Now, after 1 month, Squeeze for Mac not just saved me 175mb. It actually saved 21.8gb! And it is still squeezing as I am blogging this post! How amazing is that?

What can I say about this software? I will say this is great. Especially for users who are on Macbook or Macbook Pro, where harddisk space is so limited and important. Squeezing the whole document or download folder will definately help in saving space.

What is best is that although the files in folders are compressed, but they still can be access without any problem. No unzipping, no nothing. When Squeeze is squeezing your files, it did not took up too much CPU power, to be honest, i don’t sense any lag nor slowness, I don’t even know it is actually compressing my files.

So what are you waiting for? Download Squeeze now at latenitesoft!

Apple’s New 27-inch iMac experiencing flash performance issues?

Engadget reports that Apple’s discussion forums are starting to see reports of poor performance on the company’s new 27-inch iMacs released last week. While users have reported several issues, including inappropriate spinning down of the hard drive and corrupted Snow Leopard installations, the primary complaint seems to be poor Flash performance.

Are you experiencing that? Let us know!