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iFun – Verizon AT&T iPhone 4 Ad Funny Version! [Video]

Remember the iPhone 4 ad that Apple release when iPhone 4 is now on Verizon. Yes, iPhone fans have made this version of the ad that mock at AT&T’s connections. AT&T in US haven’t got good comments since the first day of iPhone launch, finally there is a new carrier in US to share the load from iPhone users.

It is really quite funny, check it out. Have a great laugh, and they have really done a great job on it!

T-Mobile “laugh” at AT&T and Verizon on their iPhone slowing their network

So what Ads can you air when your 2 competitors have gotten iPhones, the best selling smartphone ever. T-Mobile decided to air a ad that “laugh” at AT&T and Verizon. Laughing at them as their network is from bad to worse due to iPhone users usage.

So Verizon and AT&T are now holding iPhones, let’s see how long every other carriers start having them, and honestly by then iPhone might really dominate the market. In Singapore, where we have have iPhone in all the carriers, iPhone is really dominating the smartphone market.

But seems like T-Mobile won’t be getting iPhone anytime soon, so… enjoy their ad.

We will miss you, iPod Clickwheel! [Video]

We will definitely miss the days where we need to click and turn Apple’s iPod Clickwheel. The Clickwheel is one of the few Apple’s innovation for navigating menu without mouse, although mouse was kind of invented by Apple too.

With the launch of 5th Generation iPod Nano, clickwheel is now removed from new generation iPod Nano, and is only available on iPod Classic which has not been refresh this year. iPod Nano’s clickwheel has been replaced by a touch screen and is now the popular iPod Nano Watch!

Nevertheless Clickwheel still have its own fan base, so Matt and Keith from Matt’s Macintosh have created this short youtube video to remind us how great clickwheel have served us for the past few years and how it sounds like when you turn the wheel!

Check out their clickwheel video:

Nokia N9 – Apple MacBook Pro lookalike?

Don’t tell me they don’t look similar! They almost look exactly the same, yes, Apple Macbook Pro and Nokia’s N9.  One of Nokia’s newest innovation is N9 running MeeGO, but if you take a look at the hardware it looks exactly like Macbook Pro.

I’m not sure if Apple can sue them on this, but anyone who saw the phone will feel that it is a “copy”!

iPhone 5 – iPhone Air, so light you can’t feel any weight

iPhone 4 is till now still the best Multi-Media Smartphone in Market, having the best Smartphone camera and the most user-friendly media software, iPod. So what can Apple improve for the next generation of iPhone?

Now we know… iPhone 5, is iPhone AIR, so light you can feel any weight and best of all, all iPhone 4 feature will still be there!

Ok! It’s a joke.. but hope you enjoyed the video!

iSuckit the only way to solve iPhone 4 Antenna Issue?

Apple have announced that they will be giving out free Bumper Case to all iPhone 4 owners and Future iPhone 4 owners until 30th September 2010. But it is just a short-term solutions, and I’m sure Apple is looking at a long-term solution to solve the issue. Now we can actually solve the issue with isuckit!

Ok, it is just a joke, and people around the world is making fun of iPhone 4 and Apple, nevertheless just enjoy the joke!

iFun: Apple to launch Friend’s Bar? [Video] From The Onion

So Apple have been growing strong for the past few years, and genuis bar is not able to handle to load. Thus Apple is launching their new bar call, Friend’s Bar! Where you can talk all Apple rubbish, rumors and even your personal life there.

Let The Onion tell you more.

New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products

PS: If you haven’t realise, The Onion is a website that create jokes on the web, please don’t treat it seriously! Thanks!