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Apple promotes Eddy Cue to SVP of Internet Software and Services

Apple promoted Eddy to the “i-Man”

Tim Cook have just promoted Eddy Cue to Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services. Eddy Cue is no newbie, he is the key man for iTunes, App Store and iBookstore. These few products are very successful and I feel is the key to the success of iPhone and iPad.

So what’s new for him as SVP of Internet Software and Service? iCloud and iAds. Both of the 2 services are fairly new, and haven’t really taken off. I’m sure this 2 services are also the key services that Apple will be focusing on for the next few years.

Here a email from Tim Cook to Apple’s employee obtained by 9to5mac:

Dear team,

It is my pleasure to announce the promotion of Eddy Cue to Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services. Eddy will report to me and will serve on Apple’s executive management team. Eddy oversees Apple’s industry-leading content stores including the iTunes Store, the revolutionary App Store and the iBookstore, as well as iAd and Apple’s innovative iCloud services. He is a 22-year Apple veteran and leads a large organization of amazing people. He played a major role in creating the Apple online store in 1998, the iTunes Music Store in 2003 and the App Store in 2008.

Apple is a company and culture unlike any other in the world and leaders like Eddy get that. Apple is in their blood. Eddy and the entire executive management team are dedicated to making the best products in the world that delight our customers and make our employees incredibly proud of what they do. Please join me in congratulating Eddy on this significant and well-deserved promotion. I have worked with Eddy for many years and look forward to working with him even closer in the future.





Earns close to $1,400 in a Day with iAds

App Developer Jason Ting reviewed his earning on iAds from the first day of sales of his App LED light for iPhone 4 Free! This is one of the most impressive CPM we have ever seen, almost $150, and with 9300 impressions he is able to earn up to $1.4k! Such a great news to developer as it will definitely be a good sum of income for them, especially those who are developing apps for free.

Hopefully this good CPM will continue, and I’m sure more and more developers will be developing for iPhone, even for free with iAds as their main revenue stream.

Apple iAds Live, Nissan Leaf is one of the first few iAds Seen!

Apple iAds is finally live and running, iPhone users who have upgraded to iOS 4 have been seeing iAds on Apps showing. Some Applications already have place-holders for iAds to be shown, and leading the iAds pack is Nissan Leaf. Nissan’s iAds have been demo-ed by Steve Jobs during WWDC 10 Keynote where he show how interactive iAds can be and how it actually attract app users to  click on the ads and view the ads.

Here’s a YouTube Video of iAds on iPhone: