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Apple iPad VS Blackberry Playbook [Video]

Above chart is a summary of how iPad, Playbook, HP Slate and Samsung’s Tab is compared

We have all seen news on Blackberry coming out with their iPad competitor, Playbook, but no one have really seen the actual set of Playbook. Now we have a demo video of Blackberry’s Playbook. What is impressive is the speed of Playbook! iPad is really responsive and fast in rendering website and pages, but it seems like Playbook is trashing iPad in this demo!

Check out the Blackberry Playbook VS Apple’s iPad Video

Another iPad Competitor? HP Slate Running Windows 7 Leaked [Video]

HP Slate leaked, it is another iPad Competitor like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, but running on Windows 7. I don’t know about you, but after watching this video, I finally decided, Windows 7 is not a OS you wanna run on Tablet or Slate device like iPad. It is totally not how it should be! Look at how slow, unresponsive the screen/slate is. HP even put in a button just to pop-out the on-screen keyboard.

Everything seems to be quite slow, and I feel that it is not optimize to run on Windows 7. Honestly, something is just wrong right? I feel like it is just a Netbook without keyboard, that’s all. I hope this is not the real HP Slate as it is really very disappointed.

Check out the HP Slate Leaked Video: