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Real Racing 2 to support Dual-Screen Gaming with AirPlay!

Stream games from iPad/iPhone to your AppleTV via Wifi on iOS 5

Great news to all gamers! Firemint, the creator of Real Racing 2 will be supporting AirPlay over Wifi with iOS 5. Meaning you will be able to play your game on your iPad, but view the screen on your HDTV, not your iPad/iPhone! What makes it even better is that Real Racing will not just mirror the output from iPad to HDTV, but make full use of the dual screen that you have.  It will be similar to the picture on top, having the racing on your HDTV, but supporting information like maps, laps and timing on your iPad/iPhone screen.

Apple marching into the gaming industry, Strong.

Pretty cool right? I mean it is awesome! It kinda of reminds me of Nintendo’s DS, which have 2 screen showing supporting information. But imagine this on your HDTV and iPad. Actually now, you are already able to play this dual screen game, but you will need to hook up your iPad with HDMI cable to your TV to do it. But when iOS 5 comes, you can stream it via wifi to your Apple TV.

Firemint’s Real Racing 2 HD with AirPlay is a game-changer

Relish Real Racing 2 HD’s superb visuals as they’re streamed effortlessly to your big screen TV. Grip your iPad 2 and steer with unerring precision and the freedom of wireless play. Stay closer than ever to the track with real-time racing telemetry, displayed directly on your iPad’s screen.

Honestly. I think consoles like Sony PS3, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will now have a new challenger in the market. I can’t believe that our multi-functional iPad, which I use to check emails and surf web on the go, can be my console when I reach home!

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Mac Mini Refresh With HDMI Coming During WWDC 2010?

HDMI Port rumored to be replacing the old DVI port on Mac Mini? This rumor has been spreading for quite a while, but are we really seeing that this time? There are sources claiming recent shortages of Mac Mini, which is the usual practice for Apple to lower down production for products that will be refresh soon.

Other than HDMI Port, it is also rumored that NVIDIA MCP89 chipset will also replace the existing ones. Which HDMI and better graphics coming, I’m sure it will be one of the best Media Center Device in the Market. Let’s stay tuned and see if a refresh that we want will really come at WWDC 2010!

New Macbook Supports HDMI Video and Sound via Mini DisplayPort

We have just seen the refresh of the new Macbook yesterday, today Apple published a new Support document outlining the ports and connectors of the new Macbook, and HDMI Video and Sound output is finally supported via Mini DisplayPort!

This same function is also supported by the New Macbook Pro released just a few weeks ago, so now all of Apple’s Mobile Computing Line of Laptop supports HDMI video and sound output!