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Movie shot just with iPhone 4!

Leading South Korean film director shot a movie with just iPhone! Remember the first short film to be produced with just iPhone? This movie is called “Paranmanjang which means ups and downs in Korean. Cool yeah? To actually shoot a actual movie with just iPhones.

Check out the Movie’s trailer and the behind the scenes:

Behind the Scenes:

It is just plain amazing how they use such professional props, but just with iPhone as the camera!

iPod Touch 4G VS iPhone 4

Difference between iPhone 4 and iPod 4th Generation

So what’s the difference between Apple’s iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 4? This question is being asked over and over again, difference between iPod Touch and iPhone are getting lesser and lesser. In this generation of iPod Touch, it have gain Cameras both front and back, video capture capability, FaceTime, Multitasking, Retina Display and even Apple’s A4 Processor. What iPod Touch is missing is only the 3G connectivity and AGPS.

But is that really so?

No, even iPod Touch gained both front and back camera, but iPod Touch’s Back Camera is not iPhone 4’s 5Megapixel, rather it only have a camera that is capable of capturing 720p videos and less than 1 megapixel of still photo. There are no difference for the front facing camera, but iPod Touch do not have LED Flash light like iPhone 4.

From this video from, the video quality from iPhone and iPod Touch is very very close, to be honest, I feel that iPod Touch might have a better quality shot of video.

Chris Pirillo have done a series of test shoots of stills from both iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, here you can see that iPod Touch’s still is really lacking of detail compare to the one below which is taken by iPhone 4.

Taken by iPod Touch 4 Generation

Photo Taken by iPhone 4

Next: Retina Display, iPod Touch VS iPhone 4

No need for me to explain more, clearly iPhone 4’s Screen is much more superior than iPod Touch 4’s, the viewing angle is much better on iPhone 4 compared to iPod Touch.

SPEED, iPod Touch 4th Generation VS iPhone 4

So how about the SPEED upgrades you get from iPod Touch’s A4 Processor? In this video we can see that although iPhone 4 have 2 times more RAM than iPad and iPod Touch/iPhone 3GS, but the speed of iPad is still faster than iPhone 4. What is funny is that iPhone 4 is not so much faster than iPod Touch. So more RAM on iPhone 4 does not make it faster, but only make it able to handle multi-tasking much better. So let’s see if iPad can handle multi-tasking as good as iPhone 4 when iOS 4.2 is available for iPad.

How to DIY Steadicam for iPhone 4 [Video]

iPhone 4 have the best 720p video quality and picture quality in the smartphone market. We have also seen lots of very cool HD videos shot all by iPhone 4 and edited in iPhone 4. But one of the main issue for iPhone 4 is that its form factor is a phone, holding it can’t be as stable as we wish for, so if we can build a steadicam for it!

Check out the video below to see how you can DIY your Steadicam for iPhone 4:

Video Taken by iPhone 4 with SLR Lens Attached! Pretty Sweet!

Apple iPhone 4 is the number 1 media smartphone out in the market, it has the best 5mega pixel camera, wonderful 720p HD video recording. So what will an iPhone 4 be with a SLR camera lens attached to it?! It will be wonderfully huge, ok, I’m joking. It will be wonderfully impressive piece of work, I can’t describe about it, you got to watch it. [vid-atlanic]

iPhone 4 with OWLE and EnCinema 35mm Adapter (SLR Lens) from \Vid-Atlantic Media Prod on Vimeo.

iPhone 4 Shipped out early, Moses blog about his iPhone 4!

Loyal Moses receive his iPhone 4 2 days earlier than original shipment date! It might be due to the huge amount of pre-orders for iPhone 4, it is reported that there are 600,000 iPhone 4 Pre-Orders and still counting! It is almost a impossible number for pre-orders, it should be the largest amount of pre-orders for a device in history.

Back to Moses, according to him, the screen is brilliant and clear and almost surreal feel to it! With the New A4 Chip, iPhone 4 is snappy and everything is just smooth and quick. Although iPhone 4 is using it’s stainless steel housing as antenna, but he still experience drops calls, thus I think it is really AT&T’s issues. As a iPhone 3G user in Singapore, I have never experience any drop call, and I have been on 2 different carriers for the past 2 years.

Moses’s comment on his iPhone 4:

Battery is quite impressive, my son played Jelly Car 2 for about 45 minutes or so and depleted a measly 8% of the battery.

In regards to heat, it does feel a little warm, like hand-warmer warm… nothing serious.

The rear facing camera, which is by far one of the most popular features is just incredible, the videos and snapshots below don’t do it justice… I’m not a photographer so it’s easy to see why they look so amateurish.

The camera display while taking snapshots and recording video is breath taking, colors are amazing.

Over all, super-impressed.

Among the photos that he shared, I am very impressed with the low light photos he took with iPhone 4, the LED Flash Light looks quite impressive!

iPhone 4 Picture in Low Light Without Flash

iPhone 4 Low Light Photo with Flash

More iPhone 4 Low Light Photos (Without Flash)

iPhone 4 Photos in Low Light with Flash

The photos are impressive right?! From a Mobile Phone’s Camera, I feel this is fairly impressive! Also remember to check out his HD Video shot outdoor with his iPhone 4. [loyalmoses]

iMovie for iPhone 4

Most Mac Users will be very familiar with the Mac Application, iMovie, it is simple to use movie creator program which comes together with iLife(Which is came free with any Mac purchase). iMovie can be one of the best Home Movie Creator Program you can find in the Market, with simple effects, trim, speed up and many other functions that can easily apply to your home video.

Now you can film, edit, process your HD Home Video just from your iPhone 4! It is announced together with Apple iPhone 4 during WWDC on Monday that iMovie is coming to iPhone 4! Although it come with a cost of $4.99, but I think it will be totally worth it as the native trim and cut function are abit too limited if you wish to edit your home video.

Editing is done in a timeline view and new clips and photos can be added anywhere in the timeline. Not only that, music from the iPod library can be added, geolocation information can be used as they are recorded by the camera. Movies can be exported at 360p, 540p, or 720p.

iMovie haven’t been released by Apple, but it will be coming soon, should be release together with Apple iPhone 4, although we are not sure if they will support previous version of iPhone like iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G.