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You might be able to make calls on jailbroken iPad 3G soon [Video]

Soon you might be able to make calls on your jailbroken iPad 3G, all thanks to iPhoneIslam. They have come out with a new hack called PhoneItiPad. It is reported that it might be in the Cydia App Store even before WWDC, which will be on 6 June 2011.

So how does it works? It works exactly like an iPhone, everything. So just imagine your iPhone now have a 9.7 inch screen and that’s what you will get with this hack. You can not only make phone calls, FaceTime, you can even SMS.  Pretty cool and I’m sure it comes in handy at times.

Check out the demo video of it:

3DBoard – Makes your HomeScreen on iPhone 3D without glasses

Nintendo  launched their 3DS not too long ago, but do you know that iPhone’s hardware can actually have the same 3D effect we have seen on 3DS?

3DBoard, a cydia app, allows you to view your iPhone’s HomeScreen in 3D without glasses, with the help of Accelerometer and Gyroscope. By sensing the turning and titling of iPhone, it project different image of your homescreen, to project a 3D view of it. This technology actually remind of me of WII 3D hack that we have seen quite a few years ago(video below the 3DBoard video if you are interested!)

3DBoard is now available in Cydia App store for $3

Check out the demo video below to have a feel of it!

Wii 3D hack by Johnny:

AirPlay to your Mac with a simple App!

I’m sure lots of iPad/iPhone and Apple TV owners have been enjoying the AirPlay feature which came with iOS 4.2 update. With iOS 4.2, iPad/iPhone and AppleTV, you will be able to stream what is playing on your iPad/iPhone to your AppleTV and continue watching.

This is a very cool feature as you can have a seamless playback process after you reach home, you can continue watching your favorite show while you are on the way back home. But what if I want to watch it on my Mac Mini/Macs and not my Apple TV. You cant, but now you can as Erica Sadun have written an AirPlayer application for Mac!

Check out the demo video:

You can download the here.

iPhone, iPod Nano and iPad Robot [Video]

Yes, you did not get me wrong, there is now this iPad, iPhone and iPod Nano Robot that can walk and “dance”!

Check out the iPhone and iPad Robot Video:

iPod Nano Video:

Kazu, the maker for this robot said: “For this project, I have developed very simple way to control two servo motors by iPod nano: using the sound from headphone jack as PWM signal that controls the servo motors! Yes, two servos are powered by miniature 3.7V 110mAh Li-Po battery and control lines are directly connected to headphone jack! Very simple!”