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Apple Google War into Video Editing, iMovie and Youtube Video Editor

Google once again have entered the same business with Apple, it is so hard to ignore the fact that the 2 computing giants are competing in almost every fields of business! From Phones, Tablet/Slate, Operating System, TV Devices to now iMovie for iPhone with Youtube’s Video Editor.

Youtube Video Editor can be access via browser, no installation nor programs needed. You can simply go to youtube video editor and drag and drop any video you have uploaded to your Youtube Account. In the Video Editor, you will see thumbnails of the videos in your account, and you can trim those videos with the scissors icon.

Although the YouTube Video Editor is very primitive compare to iMovie, or even iMovie for iPhone, but it is the first step for Google in the video editing business. Honestly, looking at YouTube Video Editor seriously reminds me of Window’s Movie Maker. [YouTube]

Google Chrome for Mac out of Beta now!

Google Chrome for Mac finally leaves Beta and is now a stable version! Google Chrome can be said as the fastest browser available in the market now, at least from my opinion. I have been using Google Chrome on Windows when it first launch, and using it on my mac when it first launch for Mac.

From my experience Google Chrome for Mac is getting better, faster and more stable over the past years. They also launch extensions for Google Chrome for Mac recently, do check it out as they really help and make browsing more enjoyable!

Download Google Chrome for Mac now!

Google’s iPad?

We have all seen what Apple’s iPad can do, how is it being use. Now Google have a concept video, which works very similarly to iPad. So is Google now competing directly with Apple?

From the looks at the concept arts, we can see the similarity of iPad and Google’s Chrome OS on tablet. The virtual keyboards, the 3D-like contextual menu and even the hardware UI. But look carefully at the last concept art, it shows something that iPad can’t do – Multi-task.

Kevin Rose – 5 changes on iPhone to remain dominant

Kevin Rose from mentioned in this video from youtube that iPhone need 5 changes to stay in competition with Google’s Android.

Although Apple’s iPhone has been most successful smartphone ever. But as more and more competitors enters Mobile business. iPhone really need some changes to keep its throne.

5 Changes are

  1. Faster and better App Approval Process(even if it costs for developer)
  2. App Store outside of Apple’s App Store (3rd Party App Store or Developer-self-host Apps)
  3. App that compete against Apple’s Apps like Safari, Mail and Calendar
  4. Limited Multi-tasking on iPhone (2-3 Apps running)
  5. End the exclusivity on AT&T

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iPhone, Nexus, Droid and Palm Pre comparsion

Billshrink has once again put up their handy chart comparing the total cost of ownership for Google’s Nexus One, Apple’s iPhone, Motorola’s Droid and Palm’s Palm Pre.

Of course, they are based on US’s Price Plan and Google Nexus One has not been release yet where to date. But this chart is very useful for you to compare its features and possibility the price point is somewhere close to your local price.


Apple buys Mobile Ad Platform Quattro for $275million


Apple have bought Mobile Ad Platform Quattro for $275million on January 2010.

This buying only came 2 months after Admob was snatched from Apple by Google. We knew that Apple has been venturing into mobile industrial after releasing of iPhone, iPod Touch and the ‘magical iSlate’. Thus acquiring a mobile advertising company and platform is very important in Apple’s Roadmap.

Quattro’s CEO has already be posted as Apple’s VP, and will surely be very involved in integrating the platform to Apple’s core products.

Let’s Stay Tuned to see how Apple will integrate its newly acquired Mobile Ad Platform with iPhone, iSlate or even iTunes.