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Tactile D-Pad for iPhone and iPad

One main issue with iPhone and iPad gaming is that the lack of physical buttons, so playing games that requires D-Pads or pushing of buttons is weird as most iPhone/iPad games now uses virtual D-Pads and buttons. It makes the games harder to play as the buttons and virtual d-pad are not as ease to use, especially when you need to look at the d-pad to make the move rather than the screen play itself.

Japan as always come out with very creative stuff, now they have come out with this Stick-on Tactile D-Pad and Buttons for iPhone and iPad! You can now stick them onto your iPhone/iPad screen so you can have a “Physical” buttons and D-Pad, and you can enjoy your gaming on iPhone or iPad even more! You can buy the stick on buttons from Japan at around 630yen which is around USD$7.80 or around Singapore Dollar $10.

We have no idea how many times you can pull out and stick back the stick on buttons, mostly they can last for at least a few stick-on else, it will be $10 per game, which is totally not worth it.

Gaming will be even bigger and better on iPhone 4

Gaming will be even better on iPhone 4 due to its A4 Processor, 512MB RAM and the new Retina Display! It is demo-ed at QuakeCon 2010 where Rage ran on iPhone 4 at 60 FPS! 60FPS is impressive on a mobile device! Gaming on iPhone has always been great, it can be said that iPhone have the best gaming experience in smartphone market, now it will be even better!

Check out the video below:

Gaming on iPad gonna rock?! [Video]

We all know how gaming will be HUGE in iPad, not only the screen is huge, the processing power, the rendering power, the graphics power. Now with services like OTOY or onLive, you can now play Full-blown PC/Mac games on iPad!

Techcrunch has shown us a early footage of what iPad can achieve with it Wifi and processing power. Gaming will be HUGE in iPad. I have to agree… We have to agree…

Multi-Touch Gaming demo on MacBook Pro

Multi-Touch Gaming might be coming to MacBook Pro?! The video shows a gaming prototype on MacBook Pro’s Touch Pad. No doubt it is as interactive as what we get from iPhone. Thus it might prove that Multi-touch gaming might be the next big thing.

As we all know iTablet/iSlate is coming out on 27th January 2010 Event. Thus multi-touch gaming will be the main focus on iTablet!

Cool yeah? I am sure gaming is enjoyable on iPhone, iTablet and MacBook  if it’s Multi-Touch!

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