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Make Free Call Worldwide on your iPhone with Viber now!

I’m sure most of you iPhone users have been using WhatApp as your replacement for SMS, as it free, and you can send text to your friends regardless where, and only use up your data usage, now you can call your friends worldwide and just use data! This is one of the coolest iPhone App launch in recent days! I have to say it is much better than Skype, as not all your friends have a skype account, and Skype App on iPhone drain battery when it runs in the background.

Viber is different, there ain’t much you need to do, just download the app, enter your phone number, receive a sms from them, key in the pass code and you can start calling your friends for free!

Please note that as it is using internet(VOIP), thus you will need at least have a data plan, or connect to WiFi to make calls. Check out the video below and you will know how cool it really is!

Viber is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store

iReview: iPad App – Finger Stomp HD, Stomp with your fingers!

If you love Stomp, making music with things in your life, you will love Finger Stomp HD! Finger Stomp HD is a iOS App that let you create Stomp type music with Virtual Trash Cans, Basketball, Whistles and more!

This app is a collaborated effort between three companies, greySox, ThePot and SPN Holdings. Each offering their expertise, respectively, in programming, graphic design and professional studio sound to offer the user the most authentic urban music application available.

Finger Stomp an innovative instrument app that pays respect to old-school hip-hop, rap and street musicians by allowing users to recreate their favorite street sounds in an urban backdrop. Users can choose from 22 animated objects such as basketballs, whistles, tires, cans, horns and etc and it’s simple-to-use and intuitive interface allows Users to easily adjust the pitch with a simple touch or slide of the finger. A drag and drop feature gives the opportunity to pick and choose their favorite instruments. Beats can be effortlessly manipulated and 12 preset beat and song patterns are bundled with this app.

Key Features of Finger Stomp HD:

• 22 Different objects featuring professionally studio created authentic sounds

• Each object can be easily dragged and dropped • Sounds can be tuned and pitched to fit your preference

• Record and Replay Feature

• 12 different prerecorded beats to practice

• 3D Positioned Sounds

• Utilized Drum Meister beat engine for a seamless and responsive flow.

• Animated Visual Effects

Check out the Demo Video of this very cool App

Thoughts of the Finger Stomp HD

Cool yeah? I’m always a fan of Stomp type of music, now you can make your own, record and play it. Kind of cool. If you are a fan of music, and interesting in making music by yourself on iPad, this is a must buy App.

You can get Finger Stomp HD for $2.99 in the App Store.

What’s cool is that developer of Finger Stomp HD, Greysox is giving out 1 Finger Stomp HD For Free! So what you need to do to win cool App is to just leave a comment in the post, or twitter @usingapple and say you want Finger Stomp HD iPad App! We will be choosing the lucky reader on 3rd of October 2010.