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Fake Steve Jobs on Stage for iPhone 5 [Video]


Of course it he is a fake, but it is just interesting to look at a fake Steve Jobs, trying to launch his new iPhone 5.

I’m not sure what’s the purpose of the video, or why are they doing this fake product launch, but it seems to be filmed in a school hall, so it might be a joke for school.

Check out the video:

China’s fake version of iPad 2 Ads?

Yes, the ad looks really familiar right? It is actually taken from Apple’s old iPad ad, photoshop-ed with front facing camera and given iPad 2 a brand new White body which Apple can’t really produce even for iPhone 4.

Talk about white, although there always has been rumors saying white iPhone is for Verizon, but apparently it is not. Apple might really have issue producing good white color for their White iPhone. So let’s wait and see, and we might be able to see white iPhone 5.

Anyway, enjoy the mock up ad for iPad 2:

Can you tell the difference between iPhone 4 and China Clone SoPhone?

Can you really tell the difference between the real Apple iPhone 4 and SoPhone “iPhone 4” China Clone? From this picture I really can’t tell which one is the real one.

So when you are in China or Hong Kong next time, and you thought you have found a real deal for iPhone 4, think twice and double check before you buy one! I’m sure you will feel it once you start playing with it, so be sure to check!

Check out the video below on the news headlines in Hong Kong: