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Safari 5: How to Enable Extensions

Apple announced during WWDC 10 the release of Safari 5, there are quite a few features updated, like better performance, better HTML 5 Support, Safari Reader and the most requested feature – Extensions!

After FireFox and Google Chrome, Apple launch their own Extensions Support in Safari 5, so now you can install own favorite Extension on your favorite browser. But Extensions on Safari 5 is still only for developers, so if you want to have a preview of it, you got to follow some steps, before Extensions can be enabled.

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What you will need? Safari 5! Download Safari 5 here, if you haven’t downloaded it.


1. Check if you already have Safari 5 installed, Go to ‘Safari Menu‘, choose ‘About Safari

2. Make sure your Safari is already Safari 5 or above.

3. Once you are done, Click on ‘Safari Menu‘ then choose ‘Preference

4. In the preference menu, select ‘Advanced‘ Tab, click on the ‘Show Develop Menu in menu bar‘.

5. Close your ‘Safari Preference‘ and click on the Newly Added ‘Develop‘ option on your Menu Bar, Click on ‘Enable Extensions’

6. After you are done, Go back to ‘Safari Preference‘, you will see the newly added ‘Extension‘ Tab, you will see your Extensions is now Enable!

7. You are all done, and you can now download Extensions and install them. Apple are now accepting Extensions Submissions from Developers, so we will be seeing some website/store that will allow users to download extensions with ease(Currently, you have to google to find them).

Please note that Extensions will remain Enable unless you disable them by Switching the “ON” to “OFF” in the Extension Tab!