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Gesture Sensing iPad Dock = Kinect-iPad?

Microsoft Kinect’s response from Market has been very good, this tells us 2 things, Gesture Sensing is cool and getting popular. So what is you combine Kinect with iPad? Is it going to be useful?

Elliptic Labs set to debut their 3D gesture-sensing iPad dock that will allow you to control your iPad by just waving your hands. This might be very useful for people who use their iPad while they are cooking or eating dinner when their hands are oily or dirty. Of course there will be other use case like changing songs without touching or going to too near your iPad.

Check out the demo video from Elliptic Labs on their 3D Gesture Sensing iPad Dock.

Mounting iPad 3G in your Car

With the launch of iPad 3G, more and more guys will be thinking of mounting their iPad on their car. iPad 3G not only can have wireless internet regardless where you are, it is actually equiped with GPS, where you can have turn by turn navigation just like iPhone but with a big big screen.

Videos below are mounts built just for the iPads: