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Cool iPad Animations [Video]

This is a pretty cool iPad animation. I have never thought that just a piece of plastic sheet and some printing on it, we will be able to get such a cool animation on iPad.

Check out the video below to see what I’m amazed by:

Batman’s Bat Car uses iPad as central dashboard! [Video]

This is pretty cool, real life Batman’s turbine powered Batmobile. Casey Putsch have built a real Bat Car and it is powered by just Turbine, which is supposedly how Batman in Comic powered his car. Suprisely, the central dashboard and GPS is actually Apple’s iPad. It will be cool if Batman really uses just iPad for his Batmobile

Check out this cool car in the video below:

Amazing video shot on iPhone showing guitar’s string oscillation [Video]

This is plain amazing. I have seen countless people played guitar infront of me and infront of TV. Never once did I see how the string’s of guitar actually react to guitarist strum.

This young guitar, put an iPhone 4 into his guitar, and recorded how string oscillate when you strum on guitar. He actually accidentally found it out when he was trying to record his guitar playing via an iPhone 4. Be sure to check out the video as it is really very cool.


Piolo – an useful mini stand for your iPhone 4!

Useful Mini Stand for your iPhone 4

How many times you wish your iPhone 4 have a stand which can hold it in the position you enjoy as you are watching your movie? How many times your hands feel so tired after watching a movie on your iPhone in plane? Finally we have a very useful and easy to carry around stand – Piolo.


Piolo is a handy little gadget exactly for it! Weighing just 3.1 grams, it is small, thin and can fit on your keyring or carry around in your pocket. Pretty cool har? What’s even better is the price, you buy any of them with just £4.00 and shipping around the world just £0.80. I love the shipping price, as alot of nice little gadget cost less than $10, but the shipping price itself is another $10!

If you are interested, you can grab Piolo here for just £4.80.

iPad 2’s SmartCover can be your Fridge Magnet too!

SmartCover is the newest iPad accessory created by Apple. It is designed from inside of iPad 2 to the SmartCover itself, so it stick to iPad 2 like it was built for it, yes it was built for it.

SmartCover covers the screen of your iPad, but do nothing else other than preventing scratches and clean the screen slightly. But now we have found a new use of it. Put up your iPad 2 as a Fridge Magnet with SmartCover. Due to the strong magnetic strength from both the SmartCover and iPad 2, you can stick it up just like any Magnets!

But, be sure to be gentle, it might not hold when you touch the screen of the iPad, especially not safe with your kids. So “stick” with care.

djay for iPad – Very very cool iPad App

You want to know what kind of App you run on iPad will make the whole world jealous, djay for iPad is the App! It is a very cool looking Disc Jockey App which allows you to do DJ stuff with just your iPad and your iTunes library. Cool yeah? It is quite full featured with easy to access controls.

So if you are interested to see and experience how DJing feels like, you can get djay for iPad at $19.99 in the App Store

Do check out the video fo djay in action, and the features: