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Can you tell the difference between iPhone 4 and China Clone SoPhone?

Can you really tell the difference between the real Apple iPhone 4 and SoPhone “iPhone 4” China Clone? From this picture I really can’t tell which one is the real one.

So when you are in China or Hong Kong next time, and you thought you have found a real deal for iPhone 4, think twice and double check before you buy one! I’m sure you will feel it once you start playing with it, so be sure to check!

Check out the video below on the news headlines in Hong Kong:

iPhone 5 Chinese Clone hits market!

iPhone 5 won’t be release by Apple, not at least by June. But iPhone 5 Chinese Clone is already out in the market, and it looks really like iPhone.

The body of the Clone, looks like iPhone, it even have a microphone beside its headphone jack which is newly added in iPhone 4. The OS that it is running seems to be like Android as it has slight lag, and don’t really look like native iOS. But what is interesting is that the Apps it is running seems like iPhone Apps.

Check out the video of the Chinese iPhone 5 Clone:

iPed, China’s $150 iPad Clone

This is not the first time are seeing Apple’s knockoff Product from China, we have seen iPod Touch, iPod, iPhones and more. Now they have come out with their brand new clone, iPed!

Overall it looks like iPad from far, but if you look closer, it is not the same. It is running Android, powered by Intel, contains 128mb of memory and 16GB of storage.

Check out the video of the iPad Clone: